Website Development Cost in India [Complete Breakdown]

I guess you are someone who wants to open a website for your business but have no idea, how much will it cost? In this post I will break down all the factors of website development cost in India.

But, first let me give you a rough idea of: 

How much does website development cost in India?

Website development in India costs you somewhere around Rs 20,000 – Rs 80,000. This is just an average number & the huge gap between the price range is due to certain factors that I am going to break down in this article.

Website Development Cost in India

But does the website serve any purpose or does it have positive ROI? 

Yes, Indeed. 

Having a website in this era is more of a necessity rather than a status symbol (like it used to) for the majority of the businesses in India.  

Many of your potential customers/clients are engaging with your competitors’ websites and becoming their customers.  

Through a website you can reach targeted customers, increase brand awareness and ultimately do more business.

So, having a website is indeed a crucial part of today’s business strategy. 

Now let’s get into our main topic.

Website Development Cost in India? 

There are 3 major factors that decides the cost of making a website in India:

  • Infrastructure Cost
  • Designing Cost
  • Content Management & Maintenance Cost

Infrastructure Cost 

This is the cost of laying the foundation of your website. 

It includes: Domain Name & Hosting. 

Domain Name – is the name of your url or simply your website’s name. 

Like mine is called so this is the domain name of my website.

The first step to create a website is to register a domain name, you can name it the same as your business is called.  

Suppose you have a restaurant by the name Nightowl, so you can register a domain name as 

Here (.com) is an extension which is the most widely used and popular extension. 

But if your business only focuses in India and has no intention to expand internationally then you can go for a (.in) extension.  

A domain name with (.com) extension will cost you somewhere around Rs 999 – Rs 1499/year. 

And with (.in) extension it can range from Rs 699 – Rs 999/year. 


Hosting is the costliest & most important factor that influences the costing of a website in India

Hosting providers basically save your website data on their server and keep it connected to the internet.

So that people can visit your website 24*7. 

There are many hosting providers. 

I personally use Hostinger as they are budget friendly & provide excellent service. 

Hosting will cost you around Rs 3000 – Rs 10,000/year depending on the plan you choose.

Designing (Cost of Website Development in India)

Now once you buy the domain and hosting the foundation of your website is laid.  

Here comes the designing & development part & its costing will totally depend on your needs & which path do you choose. 

In designing part you try to give your website a specific theme and look that resonates with your brand. And also create different pages of your website to make it easy for users to navigate ( like homepage, about, contact, service/product etc.)

If you can do it yourself you have to spend no money and it is quite easy. 

On the other hand if you hire an agency to do that they can charge you somewhere between Rs 30,000 to Rs 80,000 depending on the functionality you want. 

If you go with a Freelancer, he/she can do that for a much lesser price. 

In need of a complex website with animations, payment integrations & chatbots then you should totally go with an agency.  

Otherwise freelancers are the best option.

But nothing beats doing it yourself.

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Content Management & Maintenance Cost 

Most of the websites in India never pay attention to the content creation part.

Which is quite funny & serious at the same time. 

That is why they are not able to take advantage of a website to its full potential.

Because if there is no content on a website, how will people find it? 

No one is going to search the exact name of your website.  

This is also a crucial part of “Website Development Cost in India”.

To create content you will need to hire a content writer or you can even find freelance writers. 

Freelance writers are much better in my opinion because you don’t have to pay them monthly, you just pay them per article which is more economical.

Their costing will depend on the amount of content you want to publish on your website and their expertise. 

5 articles each month can cost you around Rs 1000 – Rs 4000. 

You can find quality content writers on Fiverr.  

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Although seo doesn’t directly fall under the category of website development cost. 

But if you can do certain tweaks during the development part of your website, it will help bring organic traffic to your website. 

SEO helps in improving the ranking of website content in Google (Search Engine). 

Its costs vary depending on the number of pages you want to optimize or how many keywords you want to get optimized. 

If you need help with SEO optimization, you can email me [email protected] 

Important Point: 

If you are interested to make your own professional website then you should definitely go through my step by step guide on: 

How to Create a Website For Your Business in India 

In this guide, I have shown how you can create a professional website for your business under Rs 10,000. 


Finally I would like to say that, one can never tell you the exact cost of making a website in India. 

As different businesses have different needs, its pricing fluctuates from business to business. 

But is it a great step to invest in a website for your business? 

Absolutely yes, there are 1000’s of businesses in India who are able to generate a lot of profit through their website. 

So it’s always a good investment.  

Do let me know your thoughts and queries if you have any.

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