How to Start a Blog in India [Start Blogging in India]

So you want to learn how to start a blog in India

Blogging is a great career option for this Internet Era, as it provides you with the opportunity to help people & simultaneously make money with it. 

And the best part is you can start a blog in India and work on it in your free/part-time and once you start to make enough money from it you can do it full time from anywhere in the world. 

This is the power of blogging, it gives you the freedom to be your own boss.  

If you are wondering! that you cannot make a living out of blogging then I would just like to tell you that many bloggers in India make around 1-10 lakh rupees per month from it and top bloggers can earn way higher.

Top earning bloggers
Source – DigitalExim

Although, you should not expect to make much money from the very beginning if you work with a dedication this goal is not too far from your reach.

With this guide my goal is to show you the best and the easiest way to Start a Blog in India that too today.

Not tomorrow or next week, but today only…

I know you have been procrastinating about it for a long time but not anymore. 

Because deep down you can feel that you are made for blogging and will certainly do good in this field.

Delaying it is like – Denying your success. 

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How to Start a Blog in India (The Complete Process)

How to start a blog in India

Let me first address the elephant in the room.

How much does it cost to Start a Blog in India? 

The quick answer to how much does it cost to start a blog in India is:
It costs around Rs 4000 – Rs 8000 per year to start a blog in India and keep it running. This money is invested in buying a domain and hosting for your blog.

But a more accurate answer to this question is: It depends. 

If you want to blog just for fun or as a hobby to kill time, then you can start doing it for free on many platforms.

But, if you want to start blogging in India seriously and earn a full-time income from it. Then it surely does require a bit of investment.

It’s like spending Rs 250-350/month which you might be spending in one go on watching a movie or going to a party.  

The investment goes into buying a domain name (that I will get you for free) and hosting. 

It is like buying a property on the Internet, so you have to register a domain name (Like – my website is called

And you have to buy hosting. Hosting helps with storing the data of your website. ( Like – The articles I am writing and images that I upload on my website are stored at my hosting’s server) 

So, I have to kind of give rent to them for storing my data on their server. 

These investments are minimal and if you work on your website dedicatedly even for 6 months, you can make double or triple the money you invested.  

I know you don’t want to miss such an awesome opportunity so let’s move to the good part. 

(If you are reading this on your Mobile Phone, FYI – creating a blog on a desktop/laptop will be much easier)

Start A Blog in India (Step by Step Guide) 

Okay so here is the deal:

Firstly, open this link in a new tab

This is the place from where we are going to buy our domain and hosting.  

Don’t get overwhelmed by it right now, as you keep on reading you will start to understand everything clearly. 

If you read this post thoroughly and follow along, you will have your blog running under 30 mins. 

How to Start a Blog in India [Definitive Guide]

  • Decide what you are going to write about
  • Choose a Blog Platform
  • Deciding Domain name 
  • Buying Hosting & Domain (I will help you get a free domain as well)
  • Setting up your Blog

Step 1: Decide A Topic For Your Blog 

This is the very first & crucial part of starting a blog. 

I know you already have a rough idea of the topic that you want to pick for your blog so keep on reading to cement that idea into reality.

Having a clear picture of what topics you are going to cover in your blog before starting is very important.  

So, how do you decide on a topic that you are going to write about in your blog? 

For this, you simply have to reverse engineer things and you will instantly find your topic. 

Ask yourself: Why do you search for things on Google? 

(What a naive question, right!)

Because you were having trouble doing something or you wanted to find answers to your query. 

That is why you come to Google and search for different queries.


Which is the best place to travel to in India? 

How to take better photos from mobile phones?

How to Start a Blog in India? Etc… 

Every time you search for something and click on a result you end up on a blog only. 

So, a blogger had found that people are having trouble finding answers to this query, so he/she wrote a detailed article solving that particular query.   

This is what you have to do with your blog as well to help solve people’s queries. 

So, the topic that you decide must be something that you can provide a solution to people’s queries. 

You can take the help of my other post where I have shared the best blogging niche (topic) in India.

It can be literally anything. 

Suppose you are good at Gardening.

So, you can start a blog on it and write about different things related to Gardening. 


  • How to make a terrace garden in India 
  • Best indoor plants for air purification
  • How to do gardening at home and related things. 

Or you can be an expert in Photography or Yoga, so you can share tips on them. 

You have a pet at home, so you can share your experience of caring for pets, what problems one might face and how to overcome them. 

The topics you can write about are endless.  

But what matters the most is that it should be something in which you can come up with a solution. 

Or it could be something that you are interested in and would like to share your thoughts with others. 

Like there are many popular blogs that write on topics like: 

Best Quotes From Joker Movie or Best Shows On Netflix.  

Now what I want you to do is, write 3 topics that you think you are good at & can help people with. 

And out of those 3, the one which stands out the most choose that one.

Take your time. 

Have you found your blog Topic? 

If yes, then let’s move to our second step. 

Step 2: Decide Blogging Platform (Start a Blog in India)

Blogging platforms are simply CMS (Content Management System) that handles content creation. 

You don’t need to go deep into it, just know that it is software which allows you to create and manage content.

There are many blogging platforms out there like: 

Wix, Squarespace, Blogger, Shopify, Drupal etc… 

But WordPress is hands down the best blogging platform out there.  

43% of the websites worldwide are using WordPress as their blogging platform. Even this website is made on WordPress.

But why should you choose WordPress as your blogging platform? 

  • It comes with many free beautiful themes that you can install in one click.
  • Lots of free plugins that make your blogging journey smoother.
  • Highly Customizable & mobile friendly.
  • Easy to use.
  • If you ever get stuck youtube is full of tutorials on WordPress compared to any other platform.
  • One-click installation on most of the hostings.  

All these advantages make WordPress the #1 choice for any blogger to go with it. 

Wordpress Dashboard

This is what the Dashboard of WordPress looks like. It is as easy as using any social media app.

Step 3: Deciding Domain Name

Can’t you just feel already that your blog is about to turn into a reality?

As we will now try to brainstorm a name for your domain. (Get your pen and paper ready)

A domain name is simply the name of your website. 

Like mine is called – 

Now, you also have to come up with a name for your website which is easy to remember and if it can also relate with the topic, that is a win-win situation.

For example, there is a website on Gardening called 

A popular website on Pets is called 

You can clearly see: how they have intelligently named their domain so that their blog topic is immediately understood. 

But it is not necessary that you have to come up with something like this. 

There are many famous websites on the Internet which have no meaning yet are so popular now. 

Like – Huffpost, Lifewire etc… 

So if you can come up with a name that has no meaning yet sounds cool that also works like charm. 

Be aware that most of the domains are already taken up so you might find it difficult to come up with a name. 

But don’t you worry when I am here. 

You can simply search for domain ideas on Lean Domain Search

Domain Name Generator

You can just type in your Topic here and it will generate cool domain names for you that you can use. (Just like in the image, you can see, it helped me find 3214 domain names in just a second)

I chose the extension .com because it is the most popular and easy to remember. 

Our natural instinct is to associate .com with any website name, so that makes it easy for people to remember it.  

But if you are planning to make a website only focused on Indian audiences then you can go for .in extension as well.  

I want you to spend some time on this step and come up with a name for your blog, which you think is easy to remember.

Oh, I see, you have decided on a domain name for your blog. 


Let’s get your blog running now.

Step 4: Buying Hosting & Registering Domain

Finally, the time has come which you have been waiting for. 

The time when you are going to buy your very first property on the Internet. 

I know your heart is beating faster than a racing car right now. 

I felt the same rush when I was buying it for the first time.  

Don’t suppress it, just feel this adrenaline rush. ( I kind of miss it now)

So as you might be aware, there are many hosting companies from which we can buy hosting. 

But buying hosting from a good company is very necessary. 


Because hosting will play a very important pillar in the success of your blog.  

As it directly affects the ranking of our articles.

So we are going to go with BlueHost

It is one of those 3 hosting companies which is recommended by WordPress itself for the longest period of time. 

So, you know it is a good one.

A good hosting company provides: 

  • Good uptime 

    Keeping Your Website Live 24*7. 
  • Fast Loading Speed 

    You might have experienced this sometime, after clicking on a google result that a particular website takes a lot of time to load. It is because of a bad host. But with Bluehost, your website will load blazingly fast. 
  • Free SSL Certificate 

    That lock key which tells you that a website is safe to visit is provided for free by Bluehost.  

Like there are so many benefits it will be futile to talk about all of them. 

Now we are going to go straight into buying hosting and domain from Bluehost (**They also provide free domain worth Rs1200 for free**) 

So, for this, you simply have to open this link in a new tab (You get discounted rate for using my link)

And then follow along, as I will guide you with everything. 

You will see something like this:

Start a blog in India

Now you just have to scroll down and you will see 3 options here. 

Start blogging in India

WordPress hosting and Shared Hosting are almost similar, the difference is just WordPress hosting is optimized for WordPress and your site gets a better loading speed.

That is why I would recommend you to go for WordPress hosting.

Click on the “Learn More” tab under WordPress Hosting.

Once you click on it, simply scroll down.

You will need to do one important thing here which is to choose the server location. 

Server location is simply the location of your server, that simply means in which country your data will be stored. 

Choose the one which is closer to your potential visitors, as it helps in loading your website faster.

Suppose, my website’s server is located in India. 

So my website will load a bit faster in India than in the USA. And my website rankings will also be slightly better in India than the USA for the same article. 

The topic which you have chosen for your website: 

Where do you think most of the people will come from? 

Choosing Server

If it’s from India then choose it or else go for the USA. 

Once you have chosen the Server. 

Now, let’s decide which plan you want to stick to. 

choosing plan for blogging in India

As a beginner, I will recommend you to go with the “BASIC” plan and if your blogging journey goes well you always have the option to upgrade it.

Just click on the “Select button” under the BASIC plan. 

Now, you will see this: 

Registering a domain name

This is the time you register the name of your website.

I believe by now you have already decided on a domain name for your website, so just type it inside the “Create a new domain” window. 

(If you are still not sure about the name, you can skip it by clicking on “I’ll create my domain later”).

Once you have entered the name, choose the extension. 

If your website is solely India focused then choose .in otherwise go for the .com extension without a doubt. 

After this click on “next” you will be prompted with a page like this, all fields are self-explanatory.

Fill the Account Information

Now, after this: 

Choosing tenure of hosting

You can choose the plan for 12, 24 or 36 months. 

The longer period you choose, the more Discount you get, if you use this Link which I gave you. 

I will recommend you to go for 24 months as you are a beginner and will make some rookie mistakes at the beginning and learn from those experiences. 

After this, you can uncheck the Package Extras. You don’t need all of these extras.  

Package Extras - Starting a blog in India

As you can see the total amount for 2 years (24 months) is just Rupees 6000 which is like Rs 3000 per year, which I think you can afford, for the fact that you can re-earn this amount in the very first year of blogging.

So, let’s move to our last step.

Last step of Creating a blog in India

Now all you have to do is just tick the checkbox for agreements and click submit. 

Once you have done the payment, you will receive an email in which all your login details will be present. 

You can then simply login into your WordPress dashboard. 

Congratulations, you have now entered the world of Blogging.

Step 5: Setting Up Your Blog 

Once you are inside your WordPress dashboard you can do so by simply typing “”.

Now, I will help you design a beautiful blog.

Installing a Theme 

As I told you, there are hundreds of beautiful free themes on WordPress.  

So, I will show you how to install them on your website.  

One of the best themes that I have been personally using on most of my websites is Astra

Here is how to get it.  

Go to Appearance < Themes. 

Theme - Start a blog in India

Then click on Add New

And Search For Astra. 

Installing a theme

Hover over it and you will see an Install button, click on it and then once it is installed you can simply “Activate” it. 

And it’s done.

Or if you want to install any other Theme it is totally up to you. 

Spice up SEO 

Once it is done let’s change the way your link looks. 

By default, they are set to some ugly looking ones, which not only are very long but also affect our SEO negatively.  

So, we need to change that as well. 

For this, you need to click on Setting and then go to Permalinks. 

Setting up blog links

And select “Post name” and Save Settings.

Now your links will only contain the keyword which you put. 

Which also helps Google understand what our article is about. 

Enable Manual Comment Approving 

A lot of visitors will try to spam comments under your article which can negatively affect your website ranking. 

For that, you need to enable manual approving comments. 

Simply go to Settings > Discussions

Blog comments

Once this is set, you can remove all the spam comments. 

This post will become a bit longer if I continue to talk about all the things which you should be doing after starting your first ever blog. 

So, I am making a different post. 

In which I will explain everything in detail about the things you should do after installing a WordPress blog for the very first time. 

Head over to it to see. 

Final Words

I hope this guide has helped you start a blog in India and you didn’t face any problems while doing so. 

But unfortunately, if you are facing any problems. 

Just comment down or send me an email at [email protected]

I will be more than happy to help and guide you. 

You can even ask me for suggestions on how to write and find topics to write about in your blog. 

I am always there for you. ( Because there was no one for me, and I had to struggle a lot, so I don’t want the same with you). 

Hope to see your feedback in the comment section.

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