21 Best Niche For Blogging in India (Not A Cliché List)

I guess that you are someone who wants to start a blog but is not sure what to write about. 

How do I know this? 

Because I went through the same thing when I was starting out. 

And I am glad I stick to researching the niche and not just randomly choose one or multiple niches. (that would have been a failure)

Also happy for you, as I am sure this article will help you finalize a Niche by the time you reach the end of this post.

Before I show you my ultimate list of the best niche for blogging in India.

I want to clear a few things first that will make it easier for you to understand what Niche is and why it is so important. 

What is a Niche? 

Niche is simply a group of people that are interested in a particular thing. 

For example let’s say: 

There are 100 people in a room, out of which 60 love to do Gardening and read about it.

So here Gardening is a Niche

In which a group of people are interested and will love to read the content you write on it.

You can always find a Micro Niche from a bigger one. 

Instead of choosing Gardening as a whole, you can choose Terrace Gardening, Balcony Gardening or even Organic Gardening. 

These are called Micro Niche as they are a smaller part of a bigger Niche.

Why Should You Stick to a Single Niche? 

Often people are tempted to write about multiple niches on their website. 

Because it is easier to come up with content ideas and also target a lot of audience from the same website.

So, you will find many websites that will talk about : 

Digital Marketing in one post and how to start a parlor in another.

I am not saying that Multiple Niche websites are not good and won’t be successful. 

But it is very hard to build a following for such websites because the user of the website will be confused about what he/she can expect from such a website. 

As you are writing about multiple topics your visitors might be interested in just one. 

Also, it’s hard to come up as an Expert because a single person cannot be good at so many things. (Google also thinks the same)

On the other hand, if you stick to a Single Niche they can be sure that you are only going to talk about a subject in which they are also interested in. 

And, your website will become a Brand in itself if you can write a lot of detailed articles on a single Niche.

So, I guess by now: 

You have understood what and why selecting a Niche is so crucial for your success in the blogging world.

21 Best Niche For Blogging in India

Best Niche For Blogging in India

Coffee (Most Amazing Niche For Blogging in India)

If you are thinking that I wrote this Niche by mistake and you are like how can someone make money from Coffee Niche.

Then you are so absolutely wrong!!!

Coffee is one of the biggest industries in the World.

And there are people who are making $10,000/month from this niche.

The best part is there is still time for you to get your fair share from it.

You will have so many high end products to recommend your visitors and get a good commission out of it. 

Most of your visitors are going to be from the USA, so your ads income will also be good.

Coffee Niche For Blogging in India

Still not sure about it, then have a look at the Home Grounds Website. They get around 5,00,000 visitors every month.

How to Monetize – Affiliate, Ads And Sponsors.

Learn – How to start Affiliate Marketing in India

Travel (Popular Blogging Niche in India)

Travelling is one of the best and popular niches for blogging in India.

As everybody loves to travel and there are so many places to explore and write about.

If you are also an avid traveller there can be nothing better than choosing travel as your Niche. 

Any trip you go to, you can write about it in detail.

Explaining every little thing: how to reach, where to stay, what to see, eat and so much more. 

People love to read about the experiences you had and simultaneously you can inspire them to travel as well. 

Shivya Nath is one such travel blogger who has shown how you can make it big from a Travel Blog. 

With a Travel blog you can also start a YouTube channel to compliment it. 

Monetization: Affiliate Marketing, Ads, eBooks and Tours.

Soundproofing (New Niche For Blogging in India)

Yes, you read it right.

Soundproofing is an awesome niche for blogging in India, because people are always finding ways to reduce the noise coming inside their houses.

Either from ignorant neighbours or traffic or be it kids.

You will get a lot of traffic from 1st world countries like the USA, Canada, UK etc. 

So Ads income is going to be great.  

If you are interested in this topic, do a bit of research to find out the competition because recently a lot of people have jumped into this field.

As there is a lot of money to be made.

How to Monetize: Ads & Affiliate.


Sports is a big niche from which you can take out numerous Micro Niches like Football, Baseball, Basketball etc. 

Talking from India’s point of view: 

Cricket is followed religiously in India and you can imagine the amount of people searching about facts, stats and lifestyle of their favorite cricket players. 

Also there won’t be much competition because Cricket is not followed that much outside India. 

Other than that:

IPL is also a very big event that you can choose as your Niche but it will get visitors in that very season only. 

Nonetheless if it gets successful enough you can make a lot of money in those 4 months alone.

Monetization: Sponsored Posts and Banners, Ads and Affiliate.

Pet Niche (Profitable Niche For Blogging in India)

There will always be a lot of potential in Pets Niche. 

The trend of keeping pets is exploding in India as well and people are now shifting towards exotic animals like Hamster, Tortoise, Guinea Pigs.

So, if you happen to have a pet as well be it anything you can always start a blog on it.

Solving people’s query about taking care of the pet, diet, why it does certain behaviour and how to keep them healthy and happy.

You won’t believe there are many websites on Pet Snakes that get thousands of visitors every day. 

Monetization: E-Guides, Ads, Affiliate & Sponsored Posts.

Knife (Unique Niche For Blogging in India)

When I first heard that people were blogging about knives.

I thought they have grown crazy, why would someone blog about knives and waste their time and money.

But to my surprise it turned out to be a great niche.

I used to think these knives websites would be getting a maximum of 5k views per month but to my surprise…  

Knife as a Blogging Niche in India

Knife Informer

Here is what I found.

Even now there is a lot of gap to be filled in this Niche which you can fill.

Because the traffic on this Niche will come from the USA and UK, you qualify for premium ads networks like Mediavine, Ad thrive and Ezoic.


Education as you can expect is a huge niche to blog about. 

You can write about so many things in this Niche.

If you happen to have good knowledge or you are also in a certain age group where you regularly search about good colleges around the world or country.

Why not use this knowledge and make some money.

You can talk about the best colleges, which stream is good in which college, the cut off, placement stats and so much more. 

If you can work on this Niche with dedication, I can guarantee you that you will earn so much that you cannot even imagine right now.

Monetization Options: Ads, Sponsor from Big Colleges and Online Education Channels.


Gardening is an evergreen niche for blogging in India. 

If you are into Gardening, you know the problem one can face while starting in Gardening.

Which plants to choose, how to water them, when to fertilize, how to prune them etc. 

So, there will always be a lot of visitors searching for Gardening related queries.

How to Monetize: Ads, Affiliate and eBooks.

Solar Industry

Solar industry is rising and there are so many queries people have related to it.

This is one of the least competitive niches for blogging in India, in which you can get good traffic from other countries as well.

If you are from this field or have interest in the same, you can have a successful blog in a very short span of time in this niche.

How You Can Monetize it: Affiliate Marketing (There are so many products to promote) & Ads.

Bee Keeping 

Bee Keeping is a hobby as well as a great small business which one can operate from their homes alone. 

But to get started they need some guidance and you can be that guide.

There are many techniques and tools required to do beekeeping which people are not aware of when starting.

You can provide them with the right information.

Monetize this website with Ads & Affiliates. 


Lately, Yoga is getting popular all around the world, not just India.

But you have to tell everyone who the real boss is.

People want to know about different Yoga poses, how to do it and how it can help them.

If you can also tell who should not do certain types of Yoga then it will surely be a hit as well.

Monetize: Ads, Own Yoga Classes and Affiliates (not many products though)

You tubing (Popular Blogging Niche in India)

With easy access to the Internet, a lot of people have started to see Youtubing as a career and want to make it big on Youtube. 

But it’s not as easy as it seems. 

There is a lot of technicality involved right from choosing the topics, writing exciting titles, using tags, length of the video.

And so much more.

If you are someone who has had experience of getting successful on Youtube and knows what it takes to be seen in this giant pool of Youtube.

It will be a worthy Niche to choose.

Self Defense 

Self Defense is a necessity for the world we live in right now.

If you can write about the techniques and tools one must have to get themselves out of the scary situations.

People will love to binge on those useful techniques you have to share.

There are lots of tools and classes for you to recommend and earn commissions.

Interior Designing 

These days people are shelling out a lot of money to decorate their house.

Even the walls get a lot of attention.

If you are from the same field or someone who is good at it.

You can choose this Niche for your blog and guide people the right way.

Right from the crazy bean bags to wall art to many more.

There is so much to talk about in this Niche.

Health & Fitness Niche

Health & Fitness Niche is one of the most profitable Niches in the World.

But they are very competetive.

So, if you are someone who is just starting out then I would recommend you to not get into this because it is ruled by many big guys in the market.

But if you are good at link building and know how to make a blog an authoritative one, then you can try this Niche.

Low Competition Niches In India (That will attract only Indian Audience)

Government Jobs Posting

PNR status

Exam Materials 

Govt Job Preparation  

IIT/Medical preparation and notes

Festival Wishes  

A Few Words For You 

I hope this extensive guide on the best niche for blogging in India was able to help you finalize a Niche for you.

Do let me know , if you want me to explain any of the mentioned Niche and a blueprint guide to start a successful blog on the same.

Also, do let me know which mentioned niche excited you the most.

Your feedback means a lot to me.

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