Lead Generation for Real Estate in India [Methods That Work]

Quality leads are the bread and butter of the Real Estate industry. 

You need a continuous flow of leads to stay in the game. 


How to generate leads for real estate in India? 

To generate leads for real estate in India, you should register your business on property sites, run ads on social media, create informative videos on YouTube, make a google my business account, and attract leads by educating them through blog writing. 

On top of this, if you run down these leads into a CRM software it becomes super easy to track your progress.

You can check out these 5 best CRM Software in India to close more deals.

Lead Generation for Real Estate in India [Methods That Work]

Lead Generation for Real Estate in India

Register Your Business on Property Sites 

There are many property sites in India where a lot of potential buyers come every single day in search for a perfect home. 

You should definitely take help from these high traffic websites and list your business on them to get more eyeballs and quality leads. 

Some popular websites are: 





Create a Website [Lead Generation for Real Estate in India]

In this digital era getting quality leads for real estate in India is not a problem. 

When every little thing starts with a search on Google. 

You can turn your website into a lead generation monster. 

Lead generation through websites in the real estate industry is still an underused skill in India. 

Most of the company makes a website for the sole purpose of showing a portfolio but if used properly you can get quality leads from it. 

For this all you need to do is to write content that educates your potential buyers about things related to property business and what you offer & why you are the best. 

You can target local buyers by writing content like: 

2 Bhk flats in Jaipur or 1 Bhk apartment in Whitefield Bangalore. 

In this article you can show all the details about the flat and share a way to contact you and carry forward the deal. 

Other than that you can take advantage of lead generation tools to capture the details of leads like their email and phone numbers. 

Whenever a user is coming to your website there are high chances that they are looking for a property. No one searches for these things to kill time.

So, every person that lands on your website is a potential buyer.

You should try to capture their information. 

YouTube Videos 

Every day millions of videos are watched over Youtube and property videos are also among them. 

If you can hire someone to make detailed videos of your properties and share contact details for enquiry it can land you a lot of quality leads. 

You just have to wait for the algorithm of Youtube to push your videos. 

I highly recommend that you post at least 15 videos and wait for the magic to happen.

You can watch a few youtube videos to get the idea of what type of video gets the most views and are engaging.

Run Ads on Social Media 

Most of the people these days spend quality time over social media and out of those quite a lot are your potential buyers. 

Unfortunately the organic reach of social media platforms has died, but you can always reach out to targeted audiences through their robust ad campaigns. 

It is very easy to run ads on social media platforms and by doing some experiments you can see what works best for you.

You can target specific location, gender and even age group to fit your needs. 

Running ads on Social Media platforms also gives you a clear advantage of tracking your progress.

You can easily check how many times your ads were viewed, from which demographics most clicks were received and which gender clicked most. 

This way you can make adjustments and get a much better conversion each time. 

List on Google My Business 

Open a Google My Business (GMB) Account for your real estate business. 

You might have noticed whenever you search for any term that ends with “near me”. 

Google always shows a list of Google My Business accounts at the top.


If you search for the term “Dentists near me”. 

You will see 3-4 GMB accounts at the top.

And these businesses instantly get a lot of eyeballs and quality leads.

Similarly if you also open a GMB account, and anyone near your area searches for “Properties Near Me” your account might also pop up at the top spot depending on how well you optimize it. 

The best part is it is free.

Run Google Ads 

Google ads have been in the business for a long time and have helped a lot of businesses generate quality leads. 

The difference between Social Media Ads and Google Ads is that they are shown to people who are actually searching for specific terms that you have bid for. 

Let me break it down for you quickly: 

On social media ads, what you do is you make a post (image, video, text) and try to show it to people who you think might be interested in your product.

On the other hand, for Google Ads, you bid for specific terms like “Flats in Jaipur For Rent”, so whenever someone searches for it, they are shown your ad. 

What I basically want to say is that Google Ads has better conversion rates because its Ads are shown to people who are actually searching for it. 

But you need to master the art of bidding and fighting for the right keywords.

You should hire an experienced person to do it for you.


I hope this guide was able to show you the best ways to generate leads for real estate in India. 

Also, let me know which method sounds the best to you?

If you have any doubts then make sure to comment down below.

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