How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India (Beginner’s Guide)

Do you love the idea of: 

Following the same routine every day, waking up at a specific time, and meeting the same people, and working 60 hours/week waiting for the month to end to get a fixed salary? 

How about!!! 

You can decide the place and timing of your work, make money even when you are sleeping and the amount of money you make totally depends on the work you put in.

And the best part is that you are your own boss. 

That is the idea behind Affiliate Marketing

How to start Affiliate Marketing in India

If you are looking for guidance on starting affiliate marketing in India then you are at the absolute best place so get ready to be blown by the amazing world of affiliate marketing you are going to explore today. 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India (Complete Beginner Guide)

Major steps to get started with affiliate marketing

  1. Finding a product category that has good buying intent
  2. Start your website
  3. Enrolling with affiliate programs
  4. Start publishing content and share your affiliate links
  5. Earn your comissions.

Before I start with this guide, I want to tell you that I was also in the same position 6 years back, when I heard the term “Affiliate Marketing”. 

I had no idea what it was, how it works & how I can get started. 

I searched for it but was not able to find the complete information on a single post. 

Now, being in this for the last 6 years full time. I have understood the ins and outs of it and decided to write this guide.

So that you don’t have to go through the same & hop from article to article and get confused at the end. 

In this post, I will explain everything about getting started with Affiliate Marketing in the best possible way. 

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Start affiliate marketing in india

Affiliate Marketing simply means promoting other companies’ products and earning a commission for it.

So, the Affiliate Marketer (the one who has the job to promote) finds a useful product, shares his/her opinions about it, and encourages others to buy it through a specific link known as an affiliate link. 

When someone buys that product from their shared link, they get a commission for it. 

For example: 

Suppose you have great knowledge about cameras, so you write a detailed post about a particular camera sharing its pros and cons, and give an affiliate link at the end for others to buy it. 

Every time someone buys that camera through your link you earn a commission for it.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work? 

For Affiliate Marketing to work 3 main parties are required: 

  • Product Company 
  • Affiliate Marketer / Publisher
  • Buyer / Consumer
How affiliate marketing works

Product Company

For affiliate marketing to work, the most important part is to have a Product company that sells something be it products or services. 

So, what these companies do is, ask affiliate marketers to promote their product and in return give them a commission for each sale. 

By doing so, they remove the burden of marketing their products on their own.

So, it’s a win-win situation for both the production company and the affiliate marketer. 

For example:
Amazon is one of the greatest examples of a product company that allows people to become their affiliate partners and promote their products and give commissions of around 4% -10% on each sale. 

Affiliate Marketer 

An affiliate marketer is a person who promotes the products of the company in a way that is appealing/helpful to the person reading or seeing them.

They are also called Publishers often. 

The job of an affiliate marketer is to show the consumers that the product they are talking about is going to benefit them or how that product can be used to solve some problem they might be facing. 

For example: 

Suppose you are very good at caring for a pet dog, so you can share your expertise on the best dog food and ask your readers to buy a particular dog food brand through your affiliate links. 


The buyer is the last step of the chain and can be anyone who consumes your content and after getting satisfied with it, decides to buy any particular product through your link. 

Once the sale is made, you get your commission for it. 

How much can I earn from Affiliate Marketing in India? 

You can earn an average of 100$ – 700$ per month from affiliate marketing in India. 

Let me show you the screenshot of one of the top affiliate marketers from India. (Anil Agarwal from Bloggers Passion)

Income report of affiliate marketing in India

You can see he made over $300,000 from a single affiliate program but remember he did a spend a lot of time in the industry before he could make such kind of money.

It mostly depends on the type of products you are promoting and the commission you earn on it and how much traffic your platform gets. 

I guess by now you have understood what affiliate marketing is and how it works, so let’s see how you can become an affiliate marketer in India

How To Start Affiliate Marketing in India 

6 important steps to start affiliate marketing in India:

  1. Find the desired Platform 
  2. Decide a niche/topic
  3. Enroll in Affiliate Programs 
  4. Create Amazing Content
  5. Drive Traffic
  6. Convert Traffic into sales

Step 1: Choose a Platform

By platform, I simply mean a medium on which you are going to promote the products. 

In this digital era, there are many platforms to choose from. 

Even Instagram works like a charm, but there are many popular product companies that restrict sharing their link on platforms like Insta and Fb. 

So, the 2 main contenders are: having your own blog or a YouTube channel

As it is easy to build a following there.

But on YouTube, the only place you can share your affiliate links is in the description which is often overlooked by visitors. Also making and editing videos is a lot of work. 

Contrary to that, having your blog means the consumers are directly landing on your content and consuming it and you can intelligently place your affiliate links in between which maximize conversion.

Hence you earn more money.

Also, starting a blog is a very economical and easy process and you need not know a single word of coding. 

Believe me, I have been making websites for many years now and still don’t know a single thing about coding. 

( You can check this step-by-step guide on – How to start a blog in India or how I made this website from scratch in under 30 minutes )

Step 2: Decide a Niche/ Topic

Once you have decided on the platform, you have to think of a Niche.

A niche simply means the topic of your website.

Around what topics you are going to write articles. 

It is best to stick to a single Niche, like this website of mine where I only talk about things related to the Digital Marketing field.

You can take the help of Google Trends to find out a perfect niche for you, which will show you the popularity of the topic you are thinking of getting into.   

Just simply type the topic you have in mind.

Niche Selection For Affiliate Marketing

If you find out the bar is going downhill constantly then it is a dying Niche and you should avoid it otherwise it’s good to go.

It can literally be anything, suppose you are good at photography so your niche can be photography.

You can share tips on getting better at photography, review different cameras and share the affiliate link for the same.

Most of the cameras today come at a very good price, so you will earn a good commission for each sale. 

A Rs 50,000 camera will end up making you Rs 2000 on each successful sale. 

So, even if you make one sale each day, you can make around Rs 60,000 every month. 

And as your site grows the traffic will also grow and hence the money you earn. 

Step 3: Enroll in Affiliate Programs

Once you have decided on your niche, you will have to find affiliate programs for the same.

You cannot have a website on Photography and promote gardening products. 

So, you will have to find relative affiliate programs and get into them.

There are many Affiliate Programs these days for almost every product you can think of.  

So, it’s not something to worry about. 

( List of the – Best Affiliate Programs In India)

Step 4: Create Amazing Content

After starting a blog, choose a niche. 

Now comes the interesting part of creating content, because this is what is going to decide your success. 

In the Affiliate Marketing field, your success can skyrocket if the product or service you are reviewing is actually used by you and you have used it for a good amount of time.

This builds trust in the consumer that you are genuine and sharing actual reviews which help in building a strong community for your brand/yourself.

With every article you write, your power to encourage people into buying through your links is going to increase. 

Keep improving your skills in writing content by reading other successful affiliate marketers.

Step 5: Drive Traffic

Driving traffic is the most important part of Affiliate Marketing as more traffic is better for your earnings.

Because as more people come to your website, there are more chances for them to buy things from your affiliate link.

There are mainly 2 types of Traffic: Paid & Organic 

Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic is where you run ads on different channels like Google, Fb & Instagram to reach out to your potential consumers. 

It is a fast way to get traffic instantly but the downside is once you stop pushing your content through paid channels it stops instantly as well. 

If your affiliate provides you with enough commission that you earn more than the money you invest in running ads then it’s a good idea otherwise you should stick to organic methods.

Organic Traffic 

Getting organic traffic is a comparatively slow process but it increases with time if you keep creating awesome content on a regular basis.

This type of traffic is the one that helps you build a following and get you more trusted consumers who are likely to visit your website again and make purchases often. 

It depends on SEO. 

Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization which means optimizing your content in such a way that Google can rank it better. 

With every article, you write you will get better at SEO. 

It is simple but doesn’t expect to be good at it with your very first article.

Getting traffic from SEO will take 4-5 months of time, in this period all you have to do is write lots of content because the more content you write the more traffic you are going to get. 

Let me briefly explain to you SEO works: 

  • Understand the pain point of your consumers. And find the right keywords to write an article on.
  • Write a detailed post on it explaining how to solve that pain point.
  • Write good titles, use creative images and make your content interesting and easy to digest. 

In the meantime, also keep learning about new SEO tips and tricks to implement and it will be fun to see the changes.

Step 6: Convert Traffic Into Sales

There are many people out there with blogs getting thousands of visitors but are not able to convert that traffic into sales.

On the other hand, there are some affiliate marketers who are making a lot of money with just a few thousand visitors. 

So, the important part here is not just to get traffic but to help those people make a better decision in buying a product. 

For this, you have to keep on experimenting with your link placements and see which one does the best. 

Affiliate Marketing is an art, in which you are going to get better with time as you practice it more. 


Affiliate marketing is a great income source option for anyone looking to earn passive income. Although be mindful that you will need to put in some effort at the beginning to take your blog to a position where it starts to generate a regular cash flow.

If you still have any doubts regarding it, do ask them in the comment section.

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