How to Make a Website in India [Step by Step Guide]

I know that you are looking for a simple, authentic & easy-to-follow guide that can show you how you can make a website in India for your business. 

Because, you understand that building it yourself can cut down the cost of making a website for your business by a great margin. And also with so many CMS platforms available in today’s market, it seems like the wisest decision.

Usually getting it built from an agency or any outside source can cost you somewhere around Rs 50,000 – Rs 1,00,000.

In this guide I will show you step by step how to make a website in India under Rs 10,000.
Let’s dive into it. 

Disclaimer – Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, if you click on those link and buy the product/service. I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

How to Make a Website in India [Easy to Follow Guide]

How to make a website in India

A Steps by Step layout:

  1. Laying The Foundation
    a). Registering Domain Name
    b). Buying Hosting 
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Install Themes & Plugins
  4. Creating Important Pages 
  5. Publish Content   

1. Registering Name & Buying Hosting For Your Website 

You must be aware that every website has its unique name that it is known for, like my website is named –

Here: “iamsudeepgiri” is the name and “.com” is the extension when combined together they are called domain name.

Registering a domain name is the first task we need to do to create your website. You should name it similar to what your business is called. 

Suppose, you have a law firm by the name “Lawtech” so you can name your website as 

As simple as that.   

Hosting on the other hand is like renting a place on the internet. 

Our first step is to register a domain name, but where do we store the data and make it available to everyone around the globe. This is where Hosting servers come into play, they store all the data of our website on their servers and keep it online. 

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But the bigger question is: Where do we register a domain and buy hosting?

There are many domain & hosting providers in India but we should always go with a reputed one as they provide better services and it plays an important role in the success of your website. 

For that very matter I always recommend to use Hostinger for both the service (buying domain name & hosting). 

I have myself made this website on Hostinger and am amazed by their awesome service and fast servers. 

Now I will show you how to register a domain name and get hosting step by step. 

And if you are trying to make a website, you can do so by following the exact steps with me right now. 

For that:

First open this link, Hostinger  (you will get up to 60% discount for using my link).

After then go to “domain” tab.

Registering domain for website

And click on Domain checker and then write the name of domain that you have decided inside the search box.

domain checker - make a website in India

Hit “Search” button.

It will then show you a list with different extension name, choose the one you want. Suppose your website is just intended for Indian audience, you can go with “.in” extension.

Confirming domain

Once you hit “continue to cart”, it will show you an option to choose hosting plan for this domain name.

Click on “Select Hosting Plan”.

Selecting Hosting - How to make a website in India

If you have a small – mid scale business their premium plan will be enough.

Click on “Add to Cart”.

Checkout page

It will cost you somewhere around Rs 6500 for 2 years which is a pretty stellar deal.

But to get this much discount you should use my link.

Click on checkout now button and make the payment.

2. Install WordPress ( How to make a website in India)

In this step, we are going to build your website with the help of WordPress. It is one of the most popular and easy to use software to manage your website.

For this simply login in to your Hostinger account and go to hosting. 

Installing wordpress to build website

Then click on “Manage” and scroll down to “Website” section.

Here, click on “Auto Installer” there you will see the following options:

Select the “WordPress” option and hit Select.

Once you select WordPress, you will be prompted to fill in the basic details like Website Title, administrator email address and name & a password. 

You will need to put either the administrator email or name and the password that you submit here to enter into WordPress in future. 

Keep these 3 things saved somewhere. 

After filling in all these details, just hit the Install button and there you go. 

You have successfully created a website.  

To login in to your website outside of Hostinger, simply type either of these 2 in Google – or 

3. Install Themes & Plugins 

Now, you need to add a theme and install some useful plugins. Plugins are one of the main reasons why WordPress became such a popular blogging software.  

First let me show you how to install a theme in your new website. 

Log into your WordPress dashboard and scroll down to Appearance. In Appearance, click on themes.

Wordpress Dashboard
Installing a theme

Now, I will show you how to install a few important plugins that make it easy for you to build your website. 

Go to Dashboard < Plugins.

Installing plugins - How to make a website
Important plugins for website

Similarly install a few more important plugins:

  • Elementer (this will help in designing your website)
  • Akismet (protects your website from spam comment) 
  • LiteSpeed Cache (this will speed up your website so that it loads faster) 

These 4 will do the work in the beginning, you can Install as many plugins as you want but don’t overdo it as they reduce the speed of the website.  

You should try to have less than 12 plugins at a time on your website. 

4. Create Important Pages (How to make a website in India)

In this step, you need to create important pages of your website, according to your business needs. 

How to create page

Most common pages of a website are: 

  • Home
  • Products/Service
  • Blog
  • About/Our Story
  • Contact Us 

But you can always tweak it as per your needs. 

5. Publish Content 

Now, you need to work on bringing traffic to your website. 

The most organic way to get traffic to a website is by publishing blog posts on topics related to your business.  

For example: 

Suppose you have a business revolving, providing co-working space to working professionals.

In such case you can write content on topics: 

Benefits of working in Co-working Space?

10 Ways Co-working space can help you in your business journey? 

And more like this, you get the idea.  

To find more topics in your space, you can take help of tools like Google Trends, Answerthepublic etc.  

But where do you write content? 

How to write blog post
Blog post - How to make a website in India

And this is how you can write content on topics that you want to cover on your website and attract people to your website.


This is how you can make a website in India. I hope this guide will help you create your own website.

If you still face any problem or didn’t understand any part. Do let me know through the comment section.

Anyways best of luck for your website.

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