How To Become A Blogger In India – What Skills Do You Need?

Blogging is one of the rare fields in India that doesn’t ask for a degree and still lets you earn money, it doesn’t matter if you are in class 10th, a college student, or as a matter of fact you could be doing anything.

This is the reason it is loved by masses who understand that skills are far more necessary than just having a piece of paper (Degree!)

Don’t you agree with that? Still waiting for your answer 🙁

Anyways, let me come straight to the point for the reason you are here.

You want to know, How to become a blogger in India? Right!!! But how did I come to know about it? Did this question magically appear in my mind?

No, it didn’t. In Blogging, there is a term called Keyword Research, which is simply a technique through which bloggers find out about the questions people type inside Google Search Box.

Fascinating? Right!

In this article, you are going to learn about such interesting facts and every detail for becoming a blogger in India.

Don’t worry about the blogging Jargon, you will get to know about them as we go deep into this article.

What are the Skills You Need To Become A Blogger in India?

To become a successful blogger in India, you don’t need to learn to code or memorize any formula.

The basic skills you will need are:

  • Having the ability to do intense research. To find out about Industries that people need help with
  • Find topics inside that industry, where people find difficulty and come to Google to look for solutions.
  • Love the process of explaining things to people through your writing.
  • Has the zeal to learn to write both interesting & helpful articles for readers.

That’s it. If you have these skills, blogging is made for you.

There are some technical skills involved as well, but before that, you need to understand the concept of blogging and how you will be making money from it.

What is Blogging & How Bloggers Make Money?

Whenever you search for a thing on Google, and the moment you hit on any of the search results. You land on a blog written by a blogger.

Let’s understand this with an example. (Blogging is all about practicality, so for better understanding follow the steps with me.)

Let’s assume: you recently heard from one of your friends that Himachal Pradesh is very beautiful & saw some pictures and now you have a strong desire to visit it. But you have no idea about what place you should visit and how to reach there? And that friend of yours is not picking up your phone. So, What do you do?

Simple, you go to Google and type: Best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

Google search result snapshot

From here, you like one of the Titles and decide to click on it.

Let’s say, you click on the result of Thomascook, as you liked the snow-capped mountains.

The moment of you click on that result, you have landed on the blog post written on the Thomascook website. ( The article you are reading right now is also a blog post)

Now, once you are inside the blog post, you encounter a few ads inside, which you might have encountered on lots of other blog posts as well.

These ads are one of the ways blogger earns money.

There are many other ways through which bloggers earn money but in the beginning, everyone starts with Ads.

If you wish to know more, check out these articles:
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So, blogging is simply writing articles on a website.

Now, you would say what’s the difference between the two?

Difference Between Blog & Website

I would explain this to you in the simplest way possible.

A website is a combination of a few web pages like Home, About Us, Blog, and Contact and various other pages depending on the website.

Now, here the interesting thing is except the Blog page. All other pages remain static, by this what I mean is that they are not updated frequently.

Let’s look at my website as an example: I made my Homepage, Contact, and About page on the very first day of this website creation and since then I haven’t touched it because this information stays true for a long time.

On the other hand, a blog page is where I keep on publishing new articles every now and then.

So, the conclusion is: Blog page is just a sub-section of a website that gets updated regularly with new informative articles.

Soak in this information & let’s move on to the next step.

How does Blogging work?

If you understand this simple part you will be ready to take on Blogging from this very day.

A person who writes blogs is called a blogger and the process of blog writing is called Blogging.

So, to become a blogger in India, you will need to first find an industry.
Like in the example above where we searched for “places to visit in Himachal” and clicked on Thomascook, that website’s industry was traveling.

You will first have to decide on the industry. Inside that industry, you will have to find topics that people search for.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn magic for it there are many tools and techniques to do it.

This process of finding topics (keywords in the blogging world) is called Keyword Research.

And once you find keywords, you have to write articles on those keywords and the main part is to be able to rank them on the first page of Google.

But why getting our articles on the first page so important?

Remember, when we searched for “places in Himachal”? Did you ever think of scrolling down till the end of the first page and clicking on the 2nd page?

No, we have become too lazy for that. Also, we think that Google is showing the best results on the top so we try to click those only.

This is the reason, why as a blogger your aim will be to rank your articles on the 1st page of Google.

Hmm, now I think you know a lot of insider things about blogging, let’s move to our most important step.

What technical skills are required to become a blogger in India?

Ok, so this step is basically required for you to be able to rank your articles on the 1st page of Google.

The skills are:

Keyword Research (Finding good keywords/topics in your industry)

SEO (the art of using keywords the right way to rank higher on search results)
It is a vast topic divided basically into 2 parts on-page SEO and off-page SEO.
But don’t stress much about it at this moment. They are not very tough to learn.

Making Connection (Make friends with other bloggers, learn from them, collaborate with them)

Now, comes the best part, how do you learn blogging?

For this, I want to ask you a question: How did you learn to ride a bicycle/bike?
By reading books/articles on it or actually trying to ride it.

I think you already have the answer.

And, yes the answer is by starting your own blog.

Trust me the number of things you will learn by practically doing things will be far more helpful than reading or watching stuff.

If you wish to learn to create your own blog then read this step-by-step guide on, How to Start a Blog in India


Learning to blog was one of the best decisions of my life, which made me make money from the comfort of my home and let me decide the place of my work as well.

If you really want to 2x your learning then, I would highly suggest you start your own blog very soon.

Have confusion about any part of this blog post or blogging in general then make sure to comment below or else you can reach me through my e-mail (info in contact page).

Till then take care. Keep rocking

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