How Much YouTube Pay For 1000 Views In India In Rupees?

Are you an aspiring YouTuber who wants to know how much youtube pays for 1k views in India?

And factors influence it?

Before I go into the details, let me first quickly answer your question:

How Much Does Youtube Pay For 1000 Views in India?

YouTube pays around Rs 150 – Rs 300 per 1000 views in India. It depends on factors, like the type of content, demographics of your audience and types of ads shown.

Don’t be confused about different factors and all as I am going to explain everything to you in this post shortly.   

If you read this post till the end all your questions related to Youtube earnings will be cleared.

Let’s first learn about some important jargon that will come in handy to you for better understanding. 


Cost per mille or cost per 1000 impressions is the amount an advertiser is paying for 1000 impressions to run ads on YouTube. 

This is what decides how much youtube will pay you for 1000 views.


Cost per click is the amount an advertiser pays for every click on the ads. This is usually way higher than CPM.


Revenue per mille represents how much money you have made for 1000 views.

How Much does YouTube Pay For 1000 views in India? 

How much youtube pay for 1000 views in India

Okay, so one of the major misconceptions people have about Youtube is that they think Youtube pays for every single view but that is not the reality. 

They only pay for those views in which an ad was shown to the viewer.

What I mean by this is: 

Suppose a video has got 1000 views and let’s assume the CPM is 2$ (cost for 1000 impressions is 2$), so you might think a YouTuber will be paid 2$ for every 1000 views. 

But that is not how it works. 

YouTube only pays for monetized views. 

Monetized views are those views in which a viewer was shown an ad. 

So, for example, if I have uploaded a video on YouTube and that is watched by 1000 people. 

But only 500 people were shown ads, I will only be paid for those 400 views. 

These 500 views are the monetized views. 

So, I will be paid 500*2$/1000 = 1$ (assuming 2$ CPM)

Every video gets around 40% – 50% of monetized views. 

A video with 10,000 views will have 4000 – 5000 monetized views and will be paid accordingly.

I hope you have understood the concept of monetized views and how it is applied.  

So, youtube pays around 2$-3$ per 1000 views in India but there is a way to increase it. 

If you understand how the CPM is decided.

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Factors That Decide – How Much Does YouTube Pay for 1000 views in India? 

There are certain factors that decide how much money you will make per 1000 views in India. 

Basically, these factors help you figure out your CPM. 

Higher the CPM, the more money you will make. 

1. Type of Content / Your Channel Niche 

The niche (the topics) of your youtube videos is one of the deciding factors for the CPM you will get. 

Let’s understand this in detail: 

A food channel will have a lower CPM than an Investment-related channel. 

So, for the same 1000 views, the investment channel will be paid more money than the food channel. 

You must be thinking but why does this happen? 

The reason is quite simple, Youtube pays according to what the advertisers are paying it.   

Youtube doesn’t pay from its own pocket, rather it shares the Advertiser’s money between you (publishers) and itself.

An investment-related channel will show ads related to Mutual Funds, Stock marketing companies, etc. 

These types of companies invest more money into advertising and pay higher money to Youtube to run their ads. 

So, in return, these channels get more money. 

The type of content you upload on your channel is one of the major deciding factors for how much money you will make per 1000 views. 

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2. Demographics of Your Audience 

Another factor that decides the CPM is where your viewers are located. 

If most of the viewers that you get are from the first world countries (US, UK & Canada) then you will get way higher CPM than a channel that attracts viewers from third world countries like (India, Srilanka, and Bangladesh).

So, if you can make content in English that attracts people from first-world countries your CPM will range between 4$-7$ (Rs 300 – Rs 525).

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3. Length of Your Videos 

YouTube allows only 1 ad per video that is less than 10 minutes.

So, your chances of showing ads to your viewers get thinner. 

To maximize the earning potential you should aim to make videos that are longer than 10 minutes so that you can place multiple ads inside them. 

Although don’t overdo it and ruin the experience of your viewers. 

Also to make longer videos you will need to make sure that it is packed with information and also make it interesting for the viewers to watch it till the end.

Otherwise, they will leave in between and it won’t make any sense. 

Final Words 

I hope you have now understood how much youtube pays for 1000 views in India, & what factors influence it. 

If you still have any doubts do let me know in the comment section.

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