How Much Does A Blogger Earn In India? (Truth Revealed)

Still not sure about entering into the field of Blogging? 

Is blogging even a good career option in India?

Will you be able to make any money or not in this field, is what keeps you worried. 

I can understand that, because every aspiring blogger goes through this.

First let me answer your question:

How Much Does a Blogger Earn in India? 

On an average Indian bloggers earn around Rs30,000 – Rs50,000/ month, but there cannot be an exact answer to this question. Whereas Beginner bloggers in India earn around Rs8000 – Rs15,000/month. And the top bloggers makes around 10-20 lakhs rupees per month.

Income report of affiliate marketing in India

Here is a screenshot of affiliate earnings of one of the top bloggers of India, Anil Agarwal.

So, you can see that there is no limit to the money you can earn through blogging in India provided you give your time and learn the skills needed for it. 

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In this guide, I will walk you through:

Why most of the bloggers fails to make money?

What it takes to be successful in this field?

What factors decide how much money you are going to make in Blogging?

Why New Bloggers Fail to Make Money? 

Most of the aspiring bloggers get into the field of blogging thinking that it’s a fast and easy way to make money.

They see the earning reports of top bloggers and get inspired to achieve the same without realizing that they have put at least 5 years of time into their craft. 

To be able to reach where they are now. 

Now these newbie bloggers will start a blog, choosing the same niche as their inspirational blogger or any popular niche and after writing 10-20 articles, they will be like why I am not getting any traffic.

Why am I not making any money!!!

Blogging is dead I guess. 

And this is where their journey ends. 

I don’t want you to go through the same path and waste both your time and money. 

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What is The Secret To Be Successful then? (Bloggers Earning in India Guide)

How much does a blogger earn in India

To have a clear mindset about a few things: 

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.

It takes time for a blog to be noticed by Google to get good ranking.

When you are new, your articles are going to be of average quality which you will have to improve with time.

You will need to keep learning new tactics and what’s new in the Blogosphere. 

Keep sharpening your SEO skills to beat the competition.

You will need to write lots of Valuable Content before you start to see some results. 

Don’t expect anything for the first 3 months and only focus on providing good quality content.

Even then, if you want to quit blogging , then quit after writing at least 100 articles.

I strongly believe you will change your mind after that.

Because indeed there is a lot of money you are leaving on the table.

How Much Does A Blogger Earn in India Depends on these Factors 


The first and the most important factor that decides the fate of how much a blogger can earn in India is the Niche they are in.

Niche in the simple terms you can think of as the Topic of the website.

On what topics does the website write content on.

It can be anything like Technology, Gaming, Photography, Education etc. 

So, there are certain niches which are more profitable than others. 

Finance, Health & Fitness, and Automobiles are one of the most profitable Niches in the market.

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Traffic & Traffic Source 

The more traffic a website gets, the more money it makes. 

It is not hundred percent true but more traffic certainly gives you more opportunities.

Source of the traffic also plays a major role in deciding how much a blogger earns in India


Because one of the obvious ways to make money from blogging is through Ads.

So, if the traffic to the website comes from 1st world countries like the UK, USA, Canada etc. 

Then you can expect to get $4 – $6 for every 1000 views. 

Similarly, for the same number of views from Indian visitors will only give you $0.60 – $2. 

So, if an Indian blogger is only writing content for an Indian audience they are limited by low rpm (earning per 1000 views) rates. 

This is one of the big reason, I see why Indian bloggers don’t earn much.

Way of Monetizing 

The next thing is the method used to Monetize the website.

As there are many ways to make money from websites like: 

  • Showing Ads (Adsense,
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Ebooks
  • Selling own products/Service
  • Consultancy
  • Premium Content/Paid Membership 

Most of the websites use 2-3 monetization methods like showing ads as well as doing affiliate marketing. 

Also, selling eBooks is a great way to boost earnings. 

So, how much does an Indian blogger earn is decided by the method used by him/her to monetize the website.

How Old is the Website? 

When you start a brand new website/blog. 

It is new for Google as well and it has no idea what your website is about. 

The day your website gets live, google spiders (bot), start crawling the website to understand what it is about and for what queries to exactly show this website to people. 

Once you start writing content these crawlers keep gathering the data and analyze it to start ranking your article. 

So, for the first 10-15 days, it is possible that your article might not even be found on Google because they are yet to be indexed. 

As the website gets older, Google is now aware of the content and starts giving it authority according to the content and links it gets. 

The older the website with good content and authority, the better ranking it gets. 

Hence you get more visitors and simultaneously make more money. 

That is why, you should keep writing good quality articles regularly for a good period of time and Google will show its love over your website.


I hope this breakdown of how much a blogger earn In India has helped you understand the scenario in depth. 

And has given you a clear picture of how much you can expect to earn, if you ever decide to get into this field.

Do share your feedback or any queries you have through the comment section.

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