How to get Google AdSense Approval (Tips That Actually Work)

Getting Google AdSense Approval is the first milestone that you can achieve as a newbie blogger to actually start making money in this online world. 

But it can be disheartening to work hard on your website, apply for Google AdSense and mailed back that your application got rejected.

Trust me I know how it feels. 

And I don’t want you to feel the same. 

For this very reason, today I am going to share Google AdSense Approval tips that has always worked for me.  

What is Google AdSense? 

Get Google AdSense Approval

Let me explain this to you briefly so you know why it has such strict guidelines. 

Google AdSense is simply a medium through which Google makes it possible for Advertisers to show their ads on our (publisher’s) websites.  

Allowing publishers to make money through it, but they cannot allow every website for it.

So, to avoid any complication they have made these guidelines so that the advertisers can be rest assured that their ads are showing on genuine and legitimate websites.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval (What & What not to do)

Write Enough Unique Content  

One of the biggest mistakes many of the new bloggers make is that they get very impatient while applying to google adsense. 

What they will do is write 6-7 articles on their website and apply for it. 

99% of the time, it will get rejected.

So, what you should instead do is write at least 15-20 articles that are: 

  • original
  • interesting 
  • and actually helpful to your readers. 

Whatever topic you choose for your articles there are high chances that it has already been written. 

So, you should provide your unique & interesting angle to it and not just rephrase what’s already present.

Quality of the content is the most important point you should focus on, if you want to get google AdSense approval.

Have An Easy To Follow Navigation (Google AdSense Approval)

Your website users must be able to easily navigate your whole website.

By this what I mean is that:

You should divide your articles into relevant categories and include them in your menu. 

So, if a user comes to your website and wants to explore more of it he/she can easily do that.

Google Adsense Requirement - Easy Navigation

Just like I have done in this website.

Mobile Friendly Website (Responsive Website) 

The world has switched from surfing net on Computers to majorly on Mobile phones.

And google puts a lot of focus on Mobile Friendly websites.

In order to get Google AdSense Approval, your website should be responsive and not behave abnormally on mobile devices. 

To check whether your website is mobile friendly or not, you can take the help of Google’s Official Tool.

Apart from that, refrain yourself from using a very small font size that makes it hard for the user to read especially on mobile devices. 

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Create Important Pages (Google AdSense Approval)

It is very necessary for you to create certain pages that tell your user about your website policy and how their data is used & stored. 

For this, you should make pages like: 

  • Policy Page
  • Terms & Conditions 
  • About Us & Contact Page

The About us page is self explanatory, still many people don’t include it. 

You should definitely make this page, as this page helps Google understand that this website is run by a human & not some bot. 

And also include your contact details through which your user can contact you if needed.

Policy Page tells your user about how their data is stored and sent through.

The Terms & Conditions page is all about letting others know, who can link to the website and not to copy the content etc. 

Don’t worry, you can easily make these pages with the help of this website. (Policy Generator, T&C Generator )

Have Decent Traffic 

How much traffic is required for Adsense approval?

Google has mentioned that there are no Traffic requirements to apply for Adsense.

But I have personally experienced this with one of my websites that:

When I applied for the first time to Adsense, it had around 30 articles, 3 months old, less than 1000 pageviews per month and the application got rejected. 

Then I waited for sometime, did nothing but as the time passed the articles started to perform well and I got 1151 pageviews. 

That very month, I again applied for Adsense and it was approved. 

So, I guess Google never mentioned it but you should definitely wait for your website to at least hit that 1000 pageviews mark. 

Also, less than 1000 pageviews won’t even make you any significant money, so why not wait and increase your chances to get approved. 

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Stay Away From Illegal Content 

Google has made it clear to its publishers to not write content on illegal and harmful subjects. 

Such as spreading hatred towards a particular group, harassing or threatening people through their content. 

Promoting animal cruelty and many more.

Apart from that you should refrain yourself from using copyrighted images and if you use someone else’s image. 

Ask their permission and always give full credits to them. 

Or you can find beautiful images on sites like Pixaby, Unsplash etc. 

Put a Filter on your Comment Section

Comment section is a great way to get feedback from your users, which helps you encourage and improve your content. 

But there are certain people out there who can use this to make inappropriate comments which can lead to getting rejected & even banning your adsense account.

So, if you are a WordPress user, you can use a plugin like Akismet to filter your comments and hold them for moderation and manually approve every comment. 

Your Age Should Be At least 18 

To apply for Google AdSense, it is mandatory for you to be at least 18 years old. 

Otherwise, you cannot. 

But, if you are less than 18 and still want to apply for it then you will have to use your Parents (Guardians) gmail id and payment details. 

And the money you earn from it, will be transferred to their account.

Last Few Words:

If you think that your website tick marks all the above points you can safely apply for Adsense and most certainly it will be approved. 

Remember one thing that each application is reviewed by a real person and not any bot. 

So, don’t try to deceive the system.

If you still have any doubts then do make sure to ask them through the comment section. 

And all the best.

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