11 Ways to Earn Money from Blogging in India

Are you curious about knowing: “How to earn money from Blogging in India”?  

This is the point where many bloggers fail and quit blogging as they are not able to generate money from their blogs. 

But not anymore…

Through this post, you will learn about all the methods that you can use to make money from blogging in India.  

Most Popular Ways to Earn Money From Blogging in India are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Displaying Ads
  • Selling E-books

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Gone are those days when blogging was seen as a side hustle or part time source of income. 

Because people have realized, it offers way more opportunities to earn money than any other field out there.

That too with the comfort of choosing your own time and place. 

Simply speaking – “You set your own rule”. 

But for that, you first need to have a self hosted blog.

If you haven’t created a blog yet. 

[Check this step by step guide on – How to start a blog in India]

How to Earn Money from Blogging in India

How to earn money from blogging in India

Here is a complete list of ways to earn money from blogging in India.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular way to earn money from Blogging in India


Because it cuts down the burden of you having to create a product/service. 

Instead, all you need to do is promote other companies’ products/services to your users and ask them to buy it through your special link (affiliate link). 

When someone buys a product through your affiliate link you earn a commission for that. 

Mind you, depending on the affiliate program you are enrolled in. 

The commissions can go as high as $100 for each 


It is the #1 source of earning money for many bloggers around the globe.

If affiliate marketing excites you.

You should read my complete step by step guide on – How to start affiliate marketing in India?

2. Display Ads 

Displaying ads on a website is the easiest way to earn money from Blogging in India. 

As it doesn’t require any skills other than getting a decent amount of traffic on your website. 

You must have witnessed ads on quite a few websites while surfing the Internet. 

They might be annoying to you but they help the blogger keep his/her kitchen running.

Also, the money you make from Display Ads is completely passive as you only have to place the link just once inside your website. 

And baaaam!!! It’s done.

The ads will automatically start to show up without you having to do anything. 

Popular Ad Networks which you can join to start making money from your blog in India are

  • Google AdSense  
Get Google AdSense Approval

No minimum traffic requirement, but it has quite strict guidelines for the quality of both the content and website.

Before applying, you should read my article on – How to get Google AdSense Approval [Tips That Actually Works]

  • Media .NET
  • Ezoic
  • Infolinks

3. Sell Ad Space (Earn Money From Blogging in India)

I know display ads are a great way of monetizing a website.


They can be annoying at times, as they take up pretty much all the space. 

But what if you just sell a specific part of your website for Ads and not the whole website.

Like the Sidebar.

Wouldn’t that be great?

This is the idea behind selling your website space for Ads. 

Selling Ad Space - Earning money from blogging in India
Source – UdaipurTimes

It is a similar concept to that of Billboards you see around the highways. 

Selling Ad space is a creative way to earn money from blogging in India that too without messing up your blog’s interface. 

For this concept to work: 

You should make a dedicated page where you show your website’s stats and the kind of audience your website gets. 

So that the Advertiser can get to know if it’s worth the investment or not.

And then you can reach out to Companies in the same category telling them the benefits of showing their ads on your website and the pricing.

4. Sponsored Post 

When your blog starts to get a good amount of traffic, Sponsored posts can become a regular source of blogging income.  

What happens is: 

Companies/Startups are always hunting for different ways to promote their products/services. 

And one of those is via Sponsored posts. 

For this they find popular blogs that are related to their product and reach out to those respective bloggers. 

And ask them to write a detailed post about their product & offer money in return. 

Bloggers can charge anywhere from $100 – $1000 depending on the amount of traffic they get per post.  

Open for Sponsorship

You can also include something like this in your sidebar to let people know that you are open for sponsored posts.

5. Selling eBooks (Popular way to Earn Money From Blogging in India)

Selling ebooks through a blog has become a very common way to earn money from Blogging in India.

Although you should not abuse this great method of earning money by providing vague information in your ebook.

Otherwise your audience will lose trust in you and won’t bother buying your ebooks ever again. 

The eBooks that you provide on your blog must be of very high quality and should help your audience to solve a tricky problem. 

6. Create & Sell Course 

Creating a course can be a tough ask for beginner bloggers but if you have been in the field for a long time. 

And have built quite a following for yourself. 

This is one of the best ways to earn money from blogging in India. 

Courses are a major source of earning for many bloggers as they can be priced high considering the quality of the content. 

If you are an expert at something why not create a detailed video course of 2-3 hours.

There are many platforms through which you can easily create and start accepting payments. 

Like – Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi etc. 

If you want to avoid hosting your own video course you can even upload it on Udemy as well. 

7. Paid Webinars

Webinars are slowly and steadily becoming a thing in India. 

Till a few years back, webinar was an alien thing but due to this pandemic many people got introduced to it. 

Paid webinars are a great way to earn money from Blogging. 

Also they are quite interactive if you can do them live. 

But most people prefer showing the recorded version which is also a good option.

8. Freelance Work 

Freelancing can become a good source of side income from your blog.

But how can you get freelancing work right from your blog? 

Just make a separate page for it. 

Like – Hire me and include that in your Menu so it is easily visible. 

Ways to earn money from blogging in India
Source – The Detailed Writer

And share how you can help any brand/business through your work.

What experiences you have had, your past works, your achievement with the current blog and everything that can persuade them to hire you. 

So, whenever someone lands on your blog for reading any article they can get to know you are available for work as well.

9. Provide Mentorship

You can provide mentorship through your blog.

Mentorship Through Blog

Many music blogs are doing it by providing Guitar classes to their visitors.

You can do that for quite a few niches. 

Like you can provide 1-1 coaching for scaling startups, coding, blogging, teaching, basic computer skills and what not. 

The list can be endless, it is upto you to make it happen using creativity in your space.

10. Sell WordPress Products 

If you are a coding geek, you can create Freemium themes/plugins for WordPress. 

Freemium products are those that one can use for free but to use a more advanced version of it you need to pay for it. 

Astra theme is one of the most popular themes out there which is free to use but to use its pro feature we need to pay. 

It is a classic example of what I am talking about. 

If you can create a plugin that can solve a problem be it small or big, it works like charm. 

11. Premium Content 

If you think that one of your blog posts is too valuable to be provided for free. 

You can password protect it and start charging money for it. 

This is a method which I once found out while reading a very valuable piece of article. 

Some part of it was visible but when I scrolled it down, I saw a lock key. 

And then I got a notification to read further, you need to pay. 

Which I think was justified because, I would not have got that information anywhere else. 

So, if you think any of your articles is providing exclusive guide/information you can password protect it. 

Interesting Fact – The book “Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F#&k” was a blog post that later was turned into a book because of its popularity.

Over to You

I hope this guide has opened up plethora of ways to earn money from blogging in India.

But one thing you should always remember – To make money from blogging.

The Golden rule is to provide value through your content.

If your content is valuable, provides a solution in easy language no one can stop you from making money from it.

With this I end this post here and wish you luck.

I will be more than happy if you can comment down your favorite method to make money through your blog from the list.

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