Blogging Tips For Beginners in India [The Right Approach]

Thinking of starting a blog? or Are you not able to grow your blog? and Looking for blogging tips for beginners?

Whichever be the reason, you will find your answers in this guide.

Blogging is a great skill to learn in today’s era when everyone takes the help of the internet to find answers to their query. 

With growing internet users, there is a lot of money to be made. 

But many new bloggers quit very early in their blogging career because of a lack of guidance or bad guidance. 

Sadly enough most of the “blogging experts” show blogging as a “get rich quick scheme” which is far from reality. 

Blogging is just like any other business where you have to make strategies, understand analytics, beat your competitors, and it grows gradually with every little step you take in the right direction. 

So, today I am going to share all the tips that I have accumulated over the past 6 years of my blogging journey.

Quick Blogging Tips for Beginners in India 

  1. Choose Niche Carefully
  2. Understand your Audience
  3. Learn the art of finding right keywords
  4. Choose Right Hosting
  5. Write helpful Content 
  6. Publish Publish Publish
  7. Find the best way to monetize your blog 
  8. Understand SEO takes time to Work
  9. Don’t spend time on Unnecessary stuff
  10. Stay Consistent 

If you follow these steps with discipline there is nothing that can stop you to make it big.

Let’s dig right into it and set you on the right path of blogging. 

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Blogging Tips for Beginners in India [The Right Approach] 

Blogging Tips for Beginners in India

Choose Niche Carefully 

This is one of the most important blogging tips for beginners in India is to choose their niche carefully. 

By this what I mean is that.

Before you start your blog, the first step is to decide on a niche.  

Most people randomly choose a niche that gets a lot of views or stick to one that has worked for someone else. 

And this is how you mess up the base of your blogging journey.

Once you have decided on a niche, you need to do complete research on it and figure out the following things: 

  1. It should not be highly competitive.  

Some niches on the internet have cutthroat competition like the recipe, insurance and health niche, etc. As a new blogger, you have little to no chance to be successful in these niches. So, check out the competition in the niche you have circled out.

  1.  It should not be too small 

To avoid competition, many people choose a niche that is very small and there is not much scope of traffic. 

If there is not much traffic means you won’t be able to make much money from it.  

Your goal as a beginner should be to find something in the middle of both worlds.

  1.  Don’t choose a dying niche 

There are certain niches that are becoming unrelatable for current generations and will not attract much audience in the coming years. You should avoid such types of niches.

So whatever niche you choose, you should check its trend for the last few years in Google Trends to see whether the graph is going uphill or downhill. 

Blogging Tips India

Bottom Line – Choose a niche that is moderately competitive and has consistent trends over the years. 

Read my ultimate list of – Best Blogging Niche in India

Understand Your Audience [Blogging tips for Beginners in India]

This is one of the most overlooked parts that is not talked about enough in the blogging community. 

To make your blog big, you have to understand your audience. 

  • What pain points do they have? 
  • Products might they be interested in? 
  • In what age group does your audience lie in?   
  • What are their demographics? 

If you understand your audience you will be able to connect with them in a better way and they will also feel the same. 

It will also make it easier for you to come up with content ideas & help your audience better.

Choose Right Hosting

Hosting plays an important role in the success of a blog as it directly affects the ranking of your articles.

Hosting companies save the data of your website on their server and make it available for everyone around the globe.

A good host makes sure that your site loads faster and stays online 24*7.

For this very reason, I recommend Hostinger to every beginner.

I personally use Hostinger for my websites as they provide top-notch quality and are budget-friendly.

Also, they provide up to 80% discount to my readers. If you want to take benefit of it then check out their deals today.

Master Keyword Research [Blogging tips for Beginners in India]

Keyword research is the first step of writing an article.

The type of keywords you can find will decide the fate of your blog. 

When your blog is new, you should aim for keywords that are very less competitive and don’t care much about the volume (monthly searches per month). 

If it’s greater than 150, you should definitely write a detailed post on that. 

Once these less competitive keywords start to rank, and you start getting visitors then start aiming for keywords that have more search volume. 

For this, you should learn the techniques to find the right keywords. 

Write Content That Adds value to your visitors

You have to understand the fact that when anyone is searching for anything over google most of the time they are trying to find a solution to their query. 

Your goal should not only be to be on the first rank but provide a genuine solution to those people with your content. 

If you somehow rank a keyword to the top position solely by doing better optimization but your article is not able to solve the query. 

Then people will start to bounce back and once Google sees that pattern it will throw you out of the first rank or even the first page. 

You have to satisfy both the visitors and Google.

Publish Publish Publish [Blogging Tips India]

Your goal for the first 5-6 months of your new blog should be to write at least 70-80 articles. 

The more you write the better it can be interlinked and more content means more keywords to rank for. 

And eventually more traffic.

As a beginner, many people try to perfect a single post and spend a lot of time on it. 

Don’t worry about perfecting it, your goal should be that if the article solves the problem and is better than the content already present then it’s ok to publish it. 

Don’t waste time on finding gifs, making unnecessary infographics, and a lot more things.

You can always update it if you feel like you have missed something or you get such feedback. 

Find the Best Way to Monetize  [Blogging tips for beginners in India]

There are many different ways to earn money from blogging in India. 

But you should only stick to those that suit your blog the best.  

If you have a product-centric blog then affiliate marketing is your best bet. 

If you have a blog on mental health or career advice then online consultation is the best way to monetize it. 

Other than that monetization through ads pretty much suits every blog but many top blogs don’t apply for ads as it messes up the user experience. 

It depends on: 

  • Blog Niche
  • Audience it attracts

If your audience age range lies in between 25-50 these people are usually an earning group whom you can recommend high-end products or courses. 

Learn – What is Affiliate Marketing & how to get started?

Remember SEO Takes Time 

SEO is not a magic wand or a taboo concept, every other blogger is aware of it and applies it on their blog. 

So, it takes time for Google to understand who has the best content and optimized it better after passing it through their algorithm. 

Don’t expect it to work overnight and be like. 

“Huh, I did the best optimization yet my article is nowhere to be seen”. 

Have patience, Google has already started to work on it and it will give it the best possible rank according to its quality. 

It takes around 4-6 months to see a significant change in your SEO effort for a new blog. 

And less than that for old authoritative blogs.

Don’t Spend Time on Unnecessary Stuff

Many new bloggers spend way too much time on things that matter very less. 

Like perfecting the design on their blog. 

It is futile to work on the design and looks of your blog at the very beginning when there is no traffic. 

They spend a lot of time making a perfect homepage and watching hour-long videos on it. 

Your first aim should be to put out a lot of content on your website so that starts getting indexed and can be ranked. 

As a beginner, have a few blogs in your mind to take inspiration for your blog to look like but do it after 5-6 months when you actually start getting any visitors. 

Otherwise, there is no point in doing it.

Stay Consistent

If you don’t see results immediately. Do not get demotivated and quit.

Stay consistent and keep learning and improving your skills.

Remember your first few articles are going to be very low quality. You should continuously work on that, with every article you write you will learn new things about SEO optimization and writing better content.

I always recommend everyone, even if you have decided to quit then first write at least 100 articles on that blog. monetize it with ads or affiliate links and leave it for 6 months before disowning it.

You will see it make money for you, even when you don’t pay any attention to it.


If you follow the points of this guide, you will be set to go in the right direction.

As a new blogger, I can understand you have a lot of questions that you can’t get answered specifically.

But not anymore, write them down in the comment section & I will try to solve it ASAP.

Happy Blogging.

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