Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing in India (Most Profitable)

Starting an affiliate marketing business in India is a lucrative field. 

As the internet users in India are swelling each day this market will grow proportionally to it. 

So, it would be wise to get into this field of immense growth. 

But, what are the best niches for Affiliate Marketing in India

This is the question you should answer before entering into it, as you don’t want to get into a niche that has no potential of making money. 

Worry not, in this post I have found the best niche for affiliate marketing in India that will surely hit the right spot. 

But be aware that you will have to work hard to make it work, it’s not like if you choose the best niche it will work on its own. 

13 Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing in India

Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing in India


Cryptocurrency is a hot topic in India, people are still very unsure of what it is and also there is a lack of good information on the internet for Indian users. 

Which makes it one of the most profitable affiliate marketing niche in India.

You can write detailed guides on how it works and why should someone invest in it. 

Is it good for the Indian Market or not? 

There are many affiliate programs available for it in India. 

One of the top being Coinswitch where they give you a 25% referral commission forever. 

So, once a user registers on it through your link, every time they make a transaction you get 25% of it every single time. 

Isn’t that exciting? 

Home Appliances (Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing in India)

This niche is one of the most abused affiliate marketing niches in the Indian market. 


Because it can make you a lot of money without doing much. 

What people do is just write on topics like – Best washing machine in India, Best this or that. 

But when you read those articles you can see that most of them has just rephrased what was already present on the internet.

So, if you can write genuine reviews or even go further by asking people to share their reviews on the products they have actually used. 

This site can do wonders for you. 

best niche for affiliate marketing in india

As you can see there are around 30,000 people searching for it every month. 

And for every conversion you can easily make around Rs800 – Rs1500.

For every 100 successful conversion out of 30,000 you can make at least 800*100 = Rs80,000/ month. 

Travelling (Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing in India)

Travel is a huge niche in India for affiliate marketing

It has seen a massive spike in popularity after the introduction of Instagram. 

Although, this niche is quite competitive as there are many big players in the market like Makemytrip, TravelTriangle, Thrillophilia etc. 

But if you focus on more specific travel guides in it like: Unexplored places, Treks in India, Solo travel guides, sharing your personal travel experiences. 

It still is one of the leading niches to capitalize on. 

From Affiliate Marketing point of view. 

There is a plethora of things you can recommend to your users from trekking gears, travelling essentials, cameras  to hotel bookings and what not. 

Beauty Products 

Beauty niche is an undying field. 

These days even men’s beauty products are selling like fire.  

So, you can be rest assured that this niche will always be evergreen and make you money. 

You can join Amazon, Flipkart and Ebay’s affiliate program and recommend their products to your user. 

If you want to choose this Niche then I would suggest  you first start to write good content around Men’s Beauty, as it is somewhat less competitive.

Then you can expand to other genders as well.


With fast lifestyles and nuclear families the need for parenting blogs will keep on rising. 

Also it attracts the kind of people who are ready to invest in good products recommended over the Internet to solve their problems. 

Parenting websites can suggest products ranging from baby products like cradles, toys, books, games etc.

It is perfect for housewives who can invest a little bit of time every day on this type of blog and earn a good income out of it.

Pet (Popular Niche For Affiliate Marketing in India)

Pet industry in India is rising, the craze for adopting dogs, cats and other exotic animals is seeing a good hike in India. 

If you have had any experience of having a pet, you know that it comes with a price of looking after it which at times can be difficult. 

You can often find yourself looking for solutions over the Internet. 

Searching for things like – Best diet for my German Shepherd or How do I keep my cat busy? Why is my hamster chattering teeth

All these queries can end with a suggested product at the end of the article. 

You can even specifically write for a particular pet. 

Gardening (Evergreen Niche For Affiliate Marketing in India)

Gardening is an evergreen hobby which requires a lot of money to shell out & is perfect for Affiliate Marketing. 

Trust me, these words are from my personal experience.

I used to think that Gardening on the terrace wouldn’t put any burden on my wallet but little did I know. 

It comes with a requirement of a lot of tools, frequently buying fertilizer, potting soil, pots and what not. 

It indeed is a good affiliate marketing niche for the Indian market and people do invest a lot of money over gardening. 

Web Development (Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche in India)

Hosting affiliate programs are one of the largest and most profitable businesses over the Internet. 

If you have good knowledge about wordpress, seo or web development. 

You can enter into this field but be aware that this niche is ruled by other SEO veterans so it’s a bit difficult to dethrone them. 

You will have to work hard to find low difficulty keywords and work on them.

Apart from these there are many email marketing affiliate programs that pay a very good commission. 

Perfect for people having a good knowledge & interest in Internet Marketing.

Smart Appliances  

The 21st Century is all about Smart Devices. 

I was amused to find out that even toilet seats these days are getting smarter. 

So, why not use this technology to make a living for yourself? 

If you are into smart devices and find them amusing, why not share your opinions about them and help people make better decisions for buying one for them.

Home security 

Security of a house has always been a thing of concern for a long time back. 

But back in time there was not much you could have done. 

Today, there are so many devices which one can install in their house to keep a look at it 24*7. 

Also there are trigger devices which would go off once a particular thing is touched. 

People will always need help in choosing the best among the lot as no one wants to have a compromised product when it comes to home security. 

This is where you can provide them the help and recommend the best product. 

I believe it is also one of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches in India.


Gaming is a new niche for the Indian Market but has recently seen a J curve. 

It is the right time to enter into this niche and make a brand out of yourself. 

You can suggest high paying products like Gaming CPU, Laptops and even Gaming Chairs.

All these products will pay you a very handsome commission.  


Photography is a creative niche, in which you can always experiment new things and share your results with your audience. 

This niche can help you build a loyal community and earn their trust if you are actually good at your craft. 

Apart from that, from an affiliate marketing point of view you can suggest so many things like Camera, photography gears like tripod, lens and also smartphones with better camera quality.

Home Décor 

Craze for DIY is seeing a huge rise in India. 

And the major portion of that lies in Home Decor. 

Everyone these days wants to decorate their room and make it look good.

Which often includes expensive lights, curtains, posters, cool wallpapers etc.

If you can provide some genuine and crazy ideas to people they will surely take your recommendations.


These were the best niche for Affiliate Marketing in India in my opinion, if you think I missed out any good one then do let me know it in the comment section.

At last, I would like to say that all of these Niches have a great opportunity provided you work on them patiently and with dedication.

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