Best CRM Software in India [Compared & Reviewed]

Choosing the best CRM software in India for your business is very crucial, as it takes care of every single contact of the customer’s journey from attracting leads, engaging with them to finally closing the deal. 

But how do you finalize one, when each of them out there claims to be the best. 

When I thought of this from a business owner’s point of view who is trying to find out & buy the best CRM in India.

I could see the unimaginable amount of work he/she might have to go through only to find indefinite answers, a lot of redirects and vague reviews.  

For this very reason: 

I thought of writing this post to provide valuable information that will help you make better decisions and decide which is the Best CRM Software in India that actually fits your needs. 

To create this guide: 

  • I signed up for free trials, used the software myself. 
  • Studied a lot of case studies and genuine reviews.

It took me around 21 days to create this resourceful guide so that your search can finally end here.

To be honest with you, I will highly recommend you to use one of these software because they can seriously help you close more deals & streamline your business.

Disclaimer – We’re reader-supported. Some of the links are affiliate links, for which we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

What makes this guide special?

To qualify for this list of best CRM software, I had pre-decided the following criteria which each of them had to tick mark.

  • Easy to Use
  • Competitive Budget
  • Good Features
  • Offer free trial (so that you can get a hang of it before buying)

Now, I will share my review and findings.

Best CRM Software in India [Reviewed & Compared]

Best CRM Software in India

Here is a list of the best CRM software in India:

1. ZOHO – (Most Versatile CRM Software India)

Zoho is a full feature-packed CRM software that I came across which is trusted & used by over 1,00,000 businesses. 

After going through their feature page, I knew I had to personally use it to believe it.

One interesting fact I learned during my research is that Zoho was responsible for the smooth setup of Amazon when it entered the Indian market. 

Now they manage over 15,000 sellers through Zoho.

What I learned after using Zoho:

  • Very Easy to Use Dashboard
Zoho CRM

This is what the Homepage of Zoho CRM looks like, and you can see everything is easily accessible.  

With just a click, I can get details about my leads, contact, deals, and what tasks and meetings I have for the day. 

In the bottom left, you see three icons, from which you can easily communicate with your team members. 

Or create groups for different teams. 

  • Collecting Lead Is Not a Problem Anymore 

It is very easy to create Web-to-Lead forms inside Zoho.  

There are a number of pre-made templates for different fields (hotel booking, sign-up form, event registration, real estate query, etc) which you can use with just a click.

Zoho Web Forms - Top CRM Software India

And customize according to your brand with a drag and drop builder. 

Integrating it on your website is also very seamless.

I never felt like I was using Zoho for the first time, it was this easy.

  • Automate Task 

This is one of the highlights of Zoho, to automate tasks that usually would take up a lot of time. 

Earlier I told you how easy it was to create a web-to-lead form.

So, whenever a lead is created I can automate certain tasks for it. Like sending a thank you mail, adding a task, assigning an owner, etc.  After that, I can even schedule a follow-up email.  

Zoho automation
Zoho Automating Task

It just takes away the burden of personally emailing every other lead for a repetitive action.  

You can customize it according to your business needs.

  • Lead Categorization
Zoho best crm software India

Every lead is categorized on the basis of their stage in the pipeline (which you can create/customize according to your company style) 

So, you exactly know how to persuade each lead down the funnel.

  • Omnichannel 
Zoho Omni

You can make calls, send emails, post on social media, and chat right inside the CRM without having to open these platforms separately. 

If you want to see a detailed free webinar on how to use Zoho from the Zoho team, you can watch it here.


  • Gamification – To increase employee engagement.
    You can reward employees for closing deals or achieving certain tasks by giving them different badges to boost their morale.
  • Highly Customizable
    You can customize the CRM according to your company environment.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Easy to Use 

You can check Zoho Pricing here.

Great Deal for my users:

Start Your 15 days Free Trial Today (No Credit Card Required)

And if you happen to upgrade it to a paid plan you will get $100 credit in your Zoho account for using my link which you can use to buy any Zoho app.

2. FreshSales 

Freshsales is for those businesses who are looking for a powerful CRM Tool in India

It is packed with amazing features and has an easy-to-use interface. 

Frankly speaking, it had the most unique interface of all the CRM software I have used so far. 

Now, let me share my insights on Freshsales. 


They offer a lot of tools for your business needs and Freshsales is their CRM tool

Diving Deep Inside of Freshsales Features: 

Freshsales CRM Home Page

This is where you land after signing up for Freshsales.

A clean and powerful insight of your business, on the dashboard. 

Here you can see all your important tasks, meetings, etc. 

As soon as you enter you will get notified of important tasks, so you don’t end up missing under that bell icon.  

Adding Data & Managing Everything 

Just click on the “+” icon on the top right and you can do all the important activities from here. 

Freshsales - Best CRM Software in India

Like adding contact, deals, products, etc… 

Add a task or schedule a meeting or send an email, right from here. 

Easy to Track Deals

You can see the current status of all your business deals.

Blog Posts (83)

You can easily drag and drop any deal from one stage to another and it will get updated in that contact’s activity section. 

Here is how it will look. 

Freshsales - Top CRM Software India

You can see all the details every time it was changed inside the pipeline. 

So, it is very easy to track any lead. 

Key Features 


Automate all the repetitive tasks so that you can save hours of time to utilize somewhere else.  

Freshsales offers a crazy amount of automation.

Track Visitors, Show WebForms. 

For this, you will need to add a CRM tracking code on your website and it will track all your visitors and contacts. 

This is where Freshsales comes in handy, it will show you the activity of your contacts/leads, how they have been interacting on your website, and Which pages they visited and spent the most time.

This will help you get a clear picture of what your contact wants & is interested in.  

Marketing Automation 

You can integrate Chatbots into your website to interact with your visitors and get their details. 

Even WhatsApp automation is also possible with Freshsales which is quite fantastic, for this you have to add your business account and you can manage it from Freshsales. 

Pretty amazing right?


You can send emails & calls right from right inside your Freshsales CRM tool without having to switch between different apps.  

Final Words: 

Freshsales is without a doubt one of the best CRM Software in India. 

Try Freshsales For Free 21 Days

3. Pipedrive (Best Sales CRM Software India) 

Pipedrive is hands down a top-notch CRM software that is focused more on the sales part.  

It is used by over 95,000 businesses globally. 

Now I will share what I learned after using it.  

This is what the dashboard of Pipedrive looks like, and you land on the Deals page. 

Pipedrive - Top CRM Software India

Here you will see all the deals that are ongoing.

The first row that you are seeing is called pipeline (Qualified<Contact Made< Property …). It is a sample pipeline for real estate companies. 

Now, I will show how easily you can change it according to your company profile.  Just click on Pipeline and hit edit or create a new one.

Blog Posts (58)

So, I created a new pipeline that fits my business needs. 

How to add Leads

For adding lead : 

Click on the lead tab < Add Lead

PipeDrive - Adding Lead

Once it is saved and you think that the lead is interested in your products/services, you can then easily move it to the deal section. 

Now once you are in the deals section, you can see that the lead that we just converted into Deal has been added there. 

Magic of Pipedrive CRM 

Those were the basics of using Pipedrive CRM, now we will see what makes it one of the best CRM software in India


  • Contact Timeline 

This feature is one of the highlights of Pipedrive CRM which stood out for me. 

Here, you can see how many times you have made contact with each of your deals and through which medium (email, phone or live meeting). 

Best CRM Software in India

You can click on those little icons and it will show you what was discussed in that very particular contact.

This helps you decide when you should follow up or schedule your next contact.

It is a very powerful feature to have in your CRM to track each of your leads.   

  • Resourceful Dashboard For Each Lead 

Just by clicking on any lead, you can get a 360-degree overview of that particular lead.

You can see all the points of contact at the right bottom. 

When the lead was created and how many contacts have been made.  

In the activity tab, I can schedule a call, follow up email or add a deadline.   

  • Insightful Analytics

The analytics tab will show you very easy-to-digest data.

How many deals were started, lost, and won deals? Activities that are done and yet to be done.

The average value of won deals and so on.

  • Easy Import of Data 

    You can easily import your data and get started.

    Whether it is in a spreadsheet or migrate from another software.
  • Support

     24/7 Support Through Live Chat and Email. If you ever get stuck at any point you have always got their back.

Try Pipedrive For Free for 30 days

4. EnageBay (Best CRM Software in India) 

The EnageBay CRM software surprised me the most.

Its user interface was the easiest of them all and I was able to understand “how to use” it within a few minutes. 

It offers an ALL-IN-ONE plan ( Marketing+CRM & Sales+Service) which is a complete package for any company/startup/enterprise.  

And I highly recommend giving it a try, because the difference in pricing is not much.

But first, let me show you what made me so hyped up.

I am going to show you the features of Engage Bay CRM & Sales Part only as you are looking for CRM software particularly. 

This is how the Sales Dashboard looks and you can get a complete 360-degree view of your business. 

EngageBay CRM Software India

Now, let’s see how to add a lead inside EngageBay. 

Now once a lead/contact is created.

How do you convert it into a deal and add it into the pipeline? 

As I have attached a deal with this Lead, it will be automatically added to the Deals Page.

You can choose different milestones (according to your pipeline) for every deal you create.  

Our lead has been added to the pipeline under prospect milestones. 

These were the basics of EngageBay. 

To get a 360-degree view of a lead, all you have to do is go to the contact tab and click on a lead. 

Here you see all the activities when the lead was created when a deal was attached to it. 

You can send an email and a history of emails that have been sent to this lead. 

Then you can attach a task like, calling or emailing on a particular date. 

Attach docs related to the ongoing deal.

And even automate workflow from this tab. 

Quite easy and straightforward right.

Automate Task 

You can easily automate tasks with the help of a visual builder inside EngageBay. 

Like whenever a lead milestone changes, you can trigger a follow-up mail. 


Enagebay top crm tool in india

You can easily add an event through your inbuilt calendar inside this CRM. 

And even share it with your team members or clients.

If you buy their ALL-IN-One Plan, you get a lot more features that make this CRM unbeatable. 

With their marketing plan, you get the power of creating web to lead forms, popups, and landing pages and create campaigns. 

You also get the power of embedding Live Chat on your website.

Which makes EngageBay a complete CRM.  

Try EngageBay For Free Today

5. Salesforce 

Salesforce has shaken the CRM world with its open-source platform. 

It is a great software for Enterprises who want to fully customize their sales activity. 

With its open-source nature, it comes with a need for a coder who can manage it for you and add functionality to it. 

Personally, I believe SalesForce is a great CRM software but if you have a small to medium-scale business, you are better off with the above software I have mentioned. 

Because it will certainly add to your maintenance cost. 

I was not able to personally use it but still, I heard a lot of good things about Salesforce and that is the reason it is included in the list. 

If pricing is not an issue for you then you can surely try Salesforce.

Final Words

I hope this thorough guide will be able to finalize the best CRM for your business.

You should definitely sign up for their free trial and see what this software can bring to your table and you will be surprised to see what they are capable of.

If you have any doubts, definitely comment down and I will be happy to help you out.

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