Best Affiliate Programs in India (Handpicked After Research)

Affiliate Marketing is undoubtedly the best way to monetize your website. 

But finding affiliate programs that fit your website’s content & your goal is equally important. 

For that very reason, I have thoroughly searched the Internet & handpicked the best affiliate programs in India which you can get into and make a fortune for yourself. 

Things You Should Consider Before Choosing Affiliate Programs in India 

  • Must relate with your content. You should only recommend those products that are related to your content, not anything and everything.
    (For example – A website on book reviews, should not recommend the best laptops). 
  • Read their guidelines carefully, else your account can get blocked. 
  • Only recommend high quality products/services. Or you can lose your audience’s trust

Best Affiliate Programs in India (Picked After Thorough Research)

Best Affiliate Programs in India


Razorpay is one of the leading payment gateway platforms in India used by big giants like Zomato, Facebook etc. 

Their affiliate programs let you earn commission forever. 

So, once someone starts to use Razorpay through your affiliate link, you earn 0.1% on each transaction made that too forever.

(0.1% might seem very less, but mind you these payment gateways are used by small scale to large scale business so the transactions are very frequent and of large amounts)

This is the prime example of Passive income. 

Suppose 50 people start to use Razorpay through your link then you earn commission even when you don’t own that website anymore. 

Isn’t that cool? I bet it is. 

It is one of the best affiliate programs in India.


SEMrush is a leading keyword research tool that helps you find keywords, analyze your competitors and offers you a whole lot of things.

It is one of the highest paying affiliate programs in India

Their commission rate is a whopping $200, plus 40% recurring amount every time someone continues their subscription. 

There are people who are making tons of money through this program.

Cookie Period – 120 days.

If you want to have a look at it, click here.


Nykaa is a leading beauty and fashion website in India with a huge market capture and trust. 

If you have a website where you talk related to this niche you can choose to go for this affiliate program.

There are tons of products to promote and their commission ranges from 7.5% – 10%.

They even have a separate website for Men’s health product whose products you can also share and earn commissions.

So, it’s a win-win situation.

Bluehost (Popular Affiliate Program in India)

Bluehost is one of the most recommended hosting provider sites all over the world because they provide top notch quality hosting. 

They give $65 per qualified sale to their affiliates. 

And their cookie period is 90 days. 

If your website is about Blogging, SEO, WordPress then you can choose Bluehost affiliate program.

Amazon (Most Enrolled Affiliate Program in India)

When I think of affiliate programs the first one which comes to my mind is Amazon.

It is the most popular affiliate program in India

With millions of products to recommend and the easiest process to become an affiliate with amazon.

They should be in your radar. 

The commission rates range from 1%-10% depending on the products.

Pepper Fry (Best Furniture Affiliate Program in India)

Pepper Fry is a popular furniture/home appliances brand in India.

They also have an affiliate program but you will have to join it through Cue links or Inr Deals.

There are tons of cool products on Pepper Fry which you can recommend to your audience if you have a website in the same industry.

I can assure that it has better option than Amazon and its conversion rate will be higher.


Hostagator is another leading hosting provider who have an easy to access affiliate program in India. 

They pay a fixed commission which can go as high as Rs 3000 per sale. 

There is no sign up fee or anything. 

You can check it here.

Siddhi Yoga 

Yoga has become very popular all around the world.

So many people come to India to learn this art and experience its benefits.

But not everyone can physically come here. 

That is where Siddhi Yoga comes into play, they provide online courses and have an affiliate program for the same as well. 

Which you can enroll into if you have a website on Yoga or health niche. 

Their commission rates are also very lucrative and can go as high as $50 per sale. 

You can check out full details here


Shopify has shaken the ecommerce industry in a very short period of time.

It helps you start an ecommerce website without a fuss. 

Their affiliate program is one of the highest paying programs in India, and also because of their reputation its conversion rates are very high. 

They provide a whopping 200% bounty for every successful referral which is a lot considering their plan rates.

Loom Solar (New Affiliate Program in India)

As I said in my other article, the best niche for blogging in India, that the Solar Industry is a low hanging niche with huge opportunities. 

This is where the Loom Solar affiliate program in India comes into play. 

They provide 5% commission rates to its affiliates which is quite good considering the prices of Solar equipment. 

Also this is a trusted brand so the conversion rates will also be high.

Reseller Club  

Reseller Club is a renowned hosting provider in India, which offers a lucrative affiliate program as well. 

They have different commission rates for different plans they offer which you can check here

Their minimum payout is $50 and a cookie period of 60 days. 

So, if someone clicks on your link and decides not to buy it instantly but eventually buys it within 60 days you get paid for it.

Elitech Drip

In my article, the best niche for affiliate marketing in India

I mentioned Gardening and how it is an expensive affair for which people do spend a lot of money. 

Elitech Drip affiliate program in India is a great opportunity for gardening bloggers.

They provide an automated drip irrigation system which is a very useful tool for city gardeners. 

Their commission rates are 10% which is quite good as the products are well above 2k. 

Google Workspace Affiliate Program in India

Google Workspace is a premium service by Google for business which includes custom gmail, meet, chat, drive, docs, sheets etc. 

If your blog is tilted towards helping business owners or startups you can choose this highly converting affiliate program.

They have fixed pay per user which is different for each plan ranging from Rs 143 – Rs 1449.

There is a huge amount of money you can make with this program.

One Plus 

One plus is a popular smartphone brand in India. 

But do you know they have an affiliate program in India as well. 

Yes, you heard it right. 

They provide 2% commission on successful sales and their cookie period is 30 days. 

Best part is the average order volume as they claim is around Rs 26,000 so the commission you get is great. 


I hope this guide on the best affiliate program in India has helped you find a perfect program for you. 

But do remember to enroll in a program that resonates with your Niche.

And not just randomly choose any program just because it has higher commission.

Also, do share your feedback and let me know if you want me to find more affiliate programs related to your niche that I couldn’t mention in this one.

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