Amazon Affiliate Marketing In India [Complete Guide] 

Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the widely popular ways to monetize websites in India

The idea is very simple: 

How to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India?

You start a blog, write articles revolving around a particular topic and add your amazon affiliate links strategically in that article. Whenever someone buys that product through your given link you earn commission for it. 

In this post, I am going to show you each step from the beginning and help you start your own amazon affiliate marketing website in India. 

My goal with each of the articles is to provide information that will genuinely help you make decisions and not just random fluff. 

So, let’s get started.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India [Step by Step Guide]

How to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India [Step by Step] 

  • Find a killer product category 
  • Make a website
  • Apply for Amazon Associate
  • Write helpful content around that category
  • Insert Your Affiliate Links Strategically 
  • Rank your articles & Earn Money

Find Product Category

The first and the foremost thing you need to do for amazon affiliate marketing in India is to find a product category that you are going to promote. 

And please don’t start a website on multi category products where you write about every other product that you can lay your eyes on. 

These types of websites need to push a lot of content every single day to be in the competition and you simply can’t become an authority until you have around 300-500 articles. 

Which is not possible for someone who is just starting out. 

So, how do you find a product category? 

That is the question. 

Before you find a category, you need to know that each category has different commission rates. 

So, we should see that list first, I don’t want you to select a category that only pays 2% in commission. 

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Commission India

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Commission India

Now, you know the commission rates. 

Let’s finalize a category for you. 

For this simply go to and click on the Bestseller tab. 

Best Seller Amazon

Once you click on the best seller tab you will see a list of departments. 

Amazon Category for Affiliate Marketing

From which you can shortlist 2-3 departments according to your interest and expertise. 

For example, if you have a certain knowledge about computers and accessories. 

You can click on that particular department and see what type of products sell the most and their price ranges.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

In this we can see the price range is quite good. 

If you go with this category and sell an HP laptop of 40K, for a commission rate of 5% you earn around Rs 2000 each sale. 

So, if you can get to sell 10 such laptops in a month you can earn around 20k rupees per month. 

Which is quite doable if you put in the work. 

You can do this for each department you have shortlisted. 

Let’s see one more department – Baby Department.

Baby Department - Amazon Affiliate Marketing India

Baby products also lie in the good pricing range and for example if you can persuade people to buy these strollers of Rs 4K from your link. 

You can earn a commission of 9% of 4000 =  Rs 360 for each sale. 

And these products are brought quite frequently in comparison to laptops. 

So, you expect to make good money in this department as well. 

Now, I want you to finalize an ideal department for you keeping these 2 things in mind: 

  • You can create helpful content around it.
  • It has good priced products so you get better commission rates. 

Create a website for Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

You must be wondering:

But why do I need a website? 

You need a website to write articles around the department that you have chosen and insert your affiliate links in them. 

Amazon doesn’t allow you to share affiliate links through social media that is why you need to have a website. 

Will it cost a lot to start a website? 

No, it costs around Rs 3k-4k for a year to run a website and this is the amount of money you can make in 5 days once your website starts getting visitors.

So, this is like an investment which will give you 20X return. 

You must be wondering, “I don’t know how to create a website”

Don’t you worry, it is not as hard as it sounds. 

It is as easy as opening a social media account, just follow these simple steps.

And you should start your own website right now and not waste any more time. 

Steps to create an amazon affiliate marketing website in India: 

Step 1 – Go to Hostinger (Use this link to get discounted prices) 

Scroll down to see first register a domain name for your website.

Like my website is called –

You need to give a name to your website as well. Make sure it is easy to remember and memorable.

Create an amazon affiliate website in India

Once you enter the name of your website and it is available.

Step -2 Get Hosting

domain registration

Click on select hosting plan. ( I will get you this domain worth Rs 679 for free, keep reading).

Once you click on Hosting plan.

Hosting plans

As a beginner you should go with the Premium web hosting plan with this you will get:
To host 100 websites, you get a free domain name and SSL certificate. 

By using my link, you get a lot of discounts for different periods. 

Hosting Final step

You should go for 2 years (24 months) or 4 Years (48 months) plan to get the most discount. 

If you go with 2 years plan using my link, you will be able to save Rs 6240. Also set the domain period to 1 year ( you will get it for free).

Also it tells Google that you are serious about your website and won’t abandon it for at least 2 years or more.

This is one of the ranking factors of Google. 

Apply For Amazon Associate [Amazon Affiliate Marketing India]

Applying for Amazon associates is quite simple.

For this simply go to Amazon Associates.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing India

And click on the sign up tab and fill up the information.

Write Helpful Articles 

Once you have created your website, now is the time to start writing articles. 

These articles will help you get visitors on your website. 

So, suppose you have chosen to promote the Laptops and accessories department on your website. 

Then you can write articles on topics like: 

  • 10 Best laptops for Students
  • What features to look for while buying a laptop? 
  • Best laptop cooling pad
  • HP vs Dell? Which one to go for? 

And many such articles like this and include your affiliate links at places that you think will convert the most. 

Your articles will decide the success of your amazon affiliate marketing journey so make sure to write as helpful articles you can write and ask for feedback from your visitors and friends. 

Read other successful affiliate marketing blogs to see what works for them and try to experiment on your blog as well.

Also be genuine about your thoughts and why you believe a certain product is better than something. 

Rank Articles [Amazon Affiliate Marketing India]

Once you start to write articles you will see that those articles are placed on the 5-6th page of Google at the starting. 

Don’t worry this is how every blog starts. It takes google some time to understand what your website is about and the content to give better ranking to articles of a new blog. 

As time passes by, your articles will start to perform better. 

But for that you will have to implement on-page SEO on your articles and keep publishing good quality articles consistently. 


I hope this guide has given you a complete overview of how to pursue amazon affiliate marketing in India. 

It has been a great source of earning for bloggers for a very long period of time and if done properly it can become your primary source of earning. 

If you are still having any doubts or questions regarding it. 

Do let me know in the comment section and I will help you out as soon as possible.

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